Jeanice Barcelo Speaks About the Ill Effects of Pornography

Some of you may be aware that not so long ago, Shaun spoke with Jeanice Barcelo about child birth, the relationship between parents and the spirituality lost in hospitals and everything else that comes with jewish dominance.  Well, Jeanice recently contacted Shaun and dropped him a link to her latest talk and it was fantastic.

In this talk, Jeanice Barcelo speaks about the ill effects of pornography and the lasting damage it has on the minds of our youth. She gets into the deep and nitty-gritty and even delves into this forced racial mixing we see taking place within Western society.

This was a talk that was very hard to walk away from and I hope it has the same effect on you. Because if we don’t do something for our children now, when it comes to helping them understand the degeneracy that is taking place within Western civilisation, (thanks Jews) then our white worlds will crumble.

If you have corrupted youth, then you have corrupted community and henceforth corrupted societies and corrupted civilisations. Because the youth will sooner or later be our new politicians, our new bus drivers, our new teachers, our new scientists and most of all our new parents.

If you are going to be sitting back with a packet of crisps and a beer or wine to watch NASCAR, sit back with the crisps and beer and/or wine and watch this instead. It is both entertaining and educational.

Below the video is the show that Shaun did with Jeanice Barcelo recently on Renegade Broadcasting.

The show with Jeanice and Shaun is below:



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