Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (6-30-16)

Tonight Shaun speaks about a great many things, including Wombats, Killer Kangy’s, BREXIT, crappy schools, sending the tribe to the moon, forgetting how to be human and much more….


5 thoughts on “Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed (6-30-16)

  1. hi
    on the day after she was arrested ian roberts chalmers a director of maquarie bank owner of sydney airport was arrested in sydney eastern suburbs with 15 kg of bolivan cocaine when the bali arrest took place all the head afp flew to bali leaving syd airport with no security
    the rumor was that over a billion dollars of cocaine came in

    Macquarie bank was formed in chatam house in sydney known as the jesuit
    best way yo wash money own a bank
    expendabletv .com has a side to the story


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