Renegade Broadcasting Gets Hacked


Since this article was written, Renegade Broadcasting can now be accessed in full bloom.


I thought it’s time I wrote something about this ladies and gentlemen.  It’s getting tiresome to have to let people know what has happened, over at the Renegade Broadcasting chatroom.

Recently, the server that hosts Renegade was either attacked or possibly paid by somebody/thing in an attempt to bring Renegade down.  It has been successful, in that Kyle Hunt, (the founder/producer/director/web author of Renegade) has been wrestling with the servers management to get something done, but to no avail.  Whenever he calls them, they tell him it’s all working or they give him the runaround, depending on who answers the phone.  It’s as though they have a note against the Renegade account and deal with it individually the way they each see fit.

About a week ago, Kyle took some leave to spend some time with friends and it was that very day that everything went down.  The timing was uncanny to say the least; Although “not likely” are more the words I would choose, especially since it was on the same day that Sinead (one of Renegades hosts) was threatened with being taken to court and possibly facing jail time for allegedly “harassing” some camel humpers (muslims) on a Sharia Law hotline.  It’s almost as if somebody very coordinated knew exactly when to strike or in fact coordinated the whole deal.

In any case, Renegade has not and will not be pushed into the dirt.  The website is soon to be migrating to a new server with a few, let’s just say, “safe guards” put into place.  Kyle has let me know that the website should be migrating to the new server space in the next few days, at which time we will then work on posting the shows that have been missed and catching up with what needs to be done on the Renegade Tribune, among other websites that have been affected.

Thank You for your patience and please remember, that when the website is finally in place, there may be a few teething problems that need to be ironed out, whilst the content settles into it’s new home.

Please also remember, that Kyle is paying quite a bit of money to get all of this done (my eyes almost poked out of my head when he showed me the costs) for you, good people.  There is no reason at all that you shouldn’t be helping him out.  As it is, that I (Shaun) also work hard behind the scenes, Kyle doesn’t like to take my money, but even I will be sneaking into the donations area to help him out, whenever I have some spare cash come my way.

You can help Kyle as soon as Renegade Broadcasting comes back, by clicking on his picture at and then clicking the donate button.  Your financial help, is more important than you think, so please, be generous.

In saying this, Kyle did not ask me to write this.  I just got fed up with having to retype it in the chatroom and I was even more fed up, about just how much Kyle gets used, but goes unappreciated.  If you could only see some of the emails I get alone, where people demand certain things of Kyle and myself, almost as if they are paying us, you would be astounded.  The cheek some people have makes me want to slap a Sea Lion.

Anyway, thanks again for your patience and we look forward to seeing you over at the new website.

Shaun / Surplus


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