21st of Mar, 2016, 1 HR Quicky w/ Shaun Surplus

Shaun fills in for the first hour of Giuliani’s show and talks about the “drama” going on at Renegade.  He also comments on a video made by somebody called, “Joe Owen’s”.  Joe believes that he himself is not being controlled by the “enemy” because he is politicking….


4 thoughts on “21st of Mar, 2016, 1 HR Quicky w/ Shaun Surplus

  1. your download link points to a “Renegade-TCTA-2016-03-11.mp3” file! 😛

    and I can’t presently load RenB or RenT sites, same story through the weekend. 😦


  2. my last comment submission attempt lead to a “…not found” page, and reloading I see no evidence the comment was added. Just to say your Download link above points to a March 11 mp3 file.


  3. Sorry about that Antilibcon, I had the correct audio for the player but not the link. Thanks for pointing that out.

    Yeah, the website has been under attack throughout the week but we are working with the server host to get things sorted out. In the meantime, shows will be posted here.

    Stay cool.



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