20th of Mar, Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus & James Lancia

On this edition of the broadcast, Shaun speaks with James Lancia.  A cop that policed the streets of the Bronx among some of the other most roughest streets one could imagine.  Mr. Lancia is also the author of the book “Downtown White Police”.  The two gentlemen compare stories between Australia and the United States and discuss some important issues affecting all of Western Civilsation.



2 thoughts on “20th of Mar, Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus & James Lancia

  1. There are some cops out there that make it extremely easy to hate them all, but this guy makes me think twice about that. I respect his honesty and at least he doesn’t defend all the assholes in uniform out there. “cops are citizens in uniform.” That’s true. I’ve always been against the militarizing of police, but that statement sums up everything that’s wrong with the idea in simple terms. This guy is the real deal on every level.
    Shaun, you are a true professional the way you handled the tech problems with this broadcast; glad you and your guest stuck with it. There is so much here to take in. Hope you have him on again.


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