20th of Mar, 2016 Edition of the Renegade Roundtable

On this edition of the Renegade RT, Shaun speaks with Sinead and then Kyle about what we’re seeing taking place at Renegade Broadcasting and with Sinead’s content.  So many rumours and assumptions all straightened out on one show.

Andy, a previous Renegade Host, Norman and Jasper join Shaun to discuss a great many things.


5 thoughts on “20th of Mar, 2016 Edition of the Renegade Roundtable

  1. So grateful that you, Shaun, have Renegades back. I was freaked out that Renegade went dark . Could not have guessed that her call to the “peaceful” muslims were behind this. Makes me sick and angry. Thought my computer was hacked.
    I am on your side. So many bullshitters on the net. I cant get through to people I know about what is true because they continue to believe gatekeepers and are indeed gatekeepers themselves. Thank you for your effort. There is only one Renegade. I will be making a contribution.


  2. Also, the interview with rabbi abe finklestein on utube points out what is being done to the goim . He admits to the most horrendous behaviors including draining the blood of goi children to use in matzos and then grinding their bodies in jew owned slaughter houses to mix in hamburger and sausage! He thinks its funny that we goim then eat our own children.


    • deborah, I heard that (apparent) “rabbi finkelstein interview” a couple years ago, and it’s indeed enraging! 😦 BUT, it’s likely that it’s a parody/hoax put together by joo-wise gentile jokers, or by jooz themselves as if to be “in our faces” with their hubris. But everything I heard sounded plausible, based on my immersion in the joo problem for years already. Ritual blood sacrifice was and I believe still is REAL. Jack the Ripper was some joo, forgot his name now, but all his murders aligned with their satanic “holidays,” and another joo refused to testify what he knew about Ripper coz they were fellow jooz and a successful prosecution would result in the death penalty. It’s just that no sane rabbi would give such a frank interview (to an apparent goy)… No question that “interview” spoke a lot if not complete truth; it’s my first guess though that it was thrown out there to make such ideas the butt of jokes, and thus dismissable.


  3. I too have been free “entertainment”, for 50 years ! However, we free speech warriors can be proud that we have been chosen by The Great Guy Upstairs.
    We are blessed as being worthy. We soldier on for Our White Racial Ancestry, and for those future warriors yet to come. Couch potatoes eat your hearts out !


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