Sinead Interviews Shaun Surplus About Child Molestation

4 thoughts on “Sinead Interviews Shaun Surplus About Child Molestation

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  2. And you still believe that a person who went through such an ordeal has a balanced view on life……this should be your disclaimer: Warning,
    ‘The following program of free thought is hosted by a man who suffers from ptsd due to being brought up in a sexual abusive household’.
    So we know who’s the fucking mind we’re listening too, and why it’s overcompensating 24/7.


    • No my disclaimer should be “DISCLAIMER, DISCLAIMER, people that write comments such as the one that just came from “Da Herbalist”, should be hung for excusing the abuser (the kiddy diddlers) with their perverted nature and words.” It’s through the abuse that created in me a person that will rid the world of these creatures and their accomplices such as you. You disgusting excuse for a human.

      Your time will come. Trust me on that. The world is waking up to you pedos!


  3. 24/7 ? Da Herbalist ? 24/7 ???
    Such a sweeping generalisation could only come from a complacent stoner.
    Way to go !!
    Your attempt at dissension could have been given ‘just a little’ more thought .
    Have another bong and forget about it man 🙂

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