Shaun Surplus Looks Jewy Because of His Nose


This gets funnier and funnier. I did a broadcast last night and discussed how my nose is large enough, that some people think that I’m a Jew because of it. Both Lee Rogers of and myself have experienced the same thing this way.

On last nights broadcast I interviewed Alex Linder and one of the things that we found that we had in common, was that we’d both been accused of being Jews for petty reasons.

Some people even see my photo over there on and say that I look a little jewy. Or at least one person has, albeit that they were very fair about their assertion.

It’s very hard to tell what a person looks like in a black-and-white photo, not to mention it’s even harder to tell if you’ve only seen one photo of that person. So here and now I am going to set the record straight. You will get to see Shaun, in full colour, with hair.

Perhaps the extra detail from the colour and the angle that I’m sitting on in the back of a friend of mine’s car, you will see that I do not look as jewy as you may think.

Don’t ask me if this is more about my paranoia or yours. LOL!

And in saying that I don’t mean paranoia when it comes to whether I have Jewish blood or not. It’s highly unlikely given that I am of Celtic Irish origins. I don’t even know if I’ve got mongrel blood inside me. Perhaps a little English or even a little Scottish. But I can’t be sure on that.

And if one of you even dare to laugh at the fact that I do not have my goatee in this photo, I will hunt you down and break your jaw!

This particular photo was taken around 10 years ago, but not a whole lot has changed besides the fact that I’ve gotten greyer and balder.

I’ve never been a fan of putting photos of myself out on the Internet. But since there is a photo of me over there on, I don’t think any more damage can really be done.

I asked Peter Schaenk a question back when he was broadcasting between 2002 and 2006 about why he didn’t have a photo on his website. His answer was “in radio School the first lesson I learned, was to be heard and not seen.” And over the years of broadcasting, I kind of adopted that ideal. So all of this photo stuff is very new to me, even though I have been seen on TV quite a few times. I didn’t like being on TV at all, but I have been quite comfortable with doing radio where I can be heard and not seen.

In any case, this is me with hair minus my goatee. Enjoy it while you can, because I won’t be sharing any more pictures publicly in the future.  And no, that is not a cross around my neck, it’s a sword.



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