Firefox the Spying Dog

For many years now I’ve been using Firefox. The browser of course. And for those of you that have solid state hard drives, you might not know what is going on behind the scenes when it comes to Firefox.

Being a computer repairman, I have many computers in my household. Some with solid-state some with normal hard drives.

When you are using a solid-state drive, the access is so quick that you don’t even notice it happening. So when you load a program or you load up some text or even some music, you’ll barely notice any hard drive grind, so to speak. This is because solid-state do not have any moving parts.

The old magnetic drives contain moving parts, rotating disks, moving arms, so on and so forth.

So if there is a malicious program that is accessing your hard drive way too much for reasons unknown to you, you would never know it if you’re using a solid-state drive. But if you happen to be using one of the old drives with moving parts, drives that are so much slower than solid-state, it’s easy to see just how much access and grind the drives are going through.

The new version of Firefox on some of my older computers is grinding my hard drives to pieces. And I want to know why?

There is no reason that a browser should be accessing a hard drive so excessively as Firefox is.

I’ve been into computing since I was nine years of age. I know my shit. I’ve cleared the cache and gone through all those different processes that one would normally go through to make perfectly sure everything is okay. But it’s not okay!

What are you up to Firefox? We all know that you’ve been working for Google (joogle) and we definitely know that you’ve been sucking the Wikipedia’s dick. So what indeed are you up to?

Ladies and gentlemen, Firefox is acting exactly like a piece of malware, spyware and or a virus. You may not be able to notice it because many of you are using solid-state drives. I can notice it however because some of my older computers are using the older drives with moving parts. And my hard drives are grind, grind, grind.

So again I ask you Firefox, what the fuck are you up to, and why are you harvesting private information from our hard disks, because it’s obvious to me, that this is the ONLY reason my HD would be accessed so much, given you are who you are and you are sucking the cocks of the kike hierarchy?

Be aware of who you trust Ladies and Gents.

I’ve now turned to Opera browser and I have to say, it’s lightning fast, albeit a little hard to get used to.

Stay Cool.


2 thoughts on “Firefox the Spying Dog

  1. Hey Shaun. Which OS and which version of Firefox? Do you have the Flash plugin enabled? That is a monstrosity. I’m running Firefox 43.04 in a variant of Arch Linux on this laptop. There are 8 Firefox windows open and 107 tabs in total. Flash plugin is disabled and the UnloadTab addon is installed (very handy for reducing memory/CPU usage). I have several other programs open, yet the current CPU load is extremely low and there does not seem to be any unusual I/O activity coming from Firefox when I run iotop. In unscientific observation, there seems to be more activity from Chromium 47 with 1 window / 19 tabs and Opera 34 with 1 window / 4 tabs.


    • Yeah it seems to be working fine with or without flash in Linux, but in Windows, I’m not the only one experiencing this it seems. I trust Firefox as much as I trust the open doors in Windows 10.

      We have to remember too, that it’s harder for software to fuck with us in Linux, because of all the safe guards. Which is with Windows, not so hard to screw us over. Even sometimes within the Open Source arena.


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