29th of Nov, 2015 Edition of the Renegade Roundtable w/ Shaun & Callers

On the Renegade Roundtable today/tonight Shaun and his callers discuss a great many things.

Gang-banger stalkers paid to stalk people like you and I that dare to discuss things outside the Fabian fifth Marxist bullshit. Even if you happened to have been forced out onto the street.

Blonde jokes. Were they a Jewish creation and where do we draw the line when it comes to humour among other things that may have been injected into society by Jews?

Hitler had something great going and we as White Aryan men and women are continuing his legacy. Hitler may have lost the battle, but we must continue to fight many more battles, so that we can win the war.

To add to the conversation about white creations, when it comes to technology and how the Asians improve on these creations, a good example is that of the Betamax machine.

The Betamax machines and tapes were based off of the compact cassette tape and the machine that ran them, which were first created in Germany. Sony later come along and created the beta tape and machine based on this German technology.

How about we have a German history month where we go through all of the technologies created within Germany, so that we may celebrate the brilliant white minds that to this day continue the genius behind brilliant white German engineering?

Divide and conquer was never about dividing blacks and whites. It was about dividing whites and whites. Whether it be white women against white women, white men against white men, or white men against white women. Blacks and whites would always naturally be divided because they are so different in every way.


— Disclaimer — https://tctaunleashed.com/2015/11/07/2015-tcta-disclaimer/

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