Elite: Dangerous Off-Cut For Gaming Fans

During the 26th of November 2015 broadcast of TCTA, Shaun spoke about Elite: Dangerous in the final segment of the two-hour show. Rather than the gaming fans having to listen to the entire broadcast just for that segment, Shaun has cut the segment out for your convenience.

This segment is uncut so please be aware that there is bad language.

Whilst the broadcast is not normally for discussing computer games, sometimes Shaun likes to visit certain games for his gaming audience. There is a gaming base within the TCTA listenership.

With that said, Shaun has created a gaming show that will soon be going live. Whilst we only had time to discuss Elite: Dangerous in very brief this time, once the new gaming show is live, the game will be discussed at great length in great detail.

The new gaming show will not be covered by 1650 a.m. in Tonowanda New York, but it will be covered by 107.9 FM in the Alpines and of course TCTAunleashed.com.

Kick back and enjoy some raw truth about Elite: Dangerous!



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