18th of Nov, 2015 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of TCTA, Shaun speaks about the mass murder in Paris France.

How on earth, can lower leadership of France not see what took place during 9/11, when it came to the dancing Israelis, among the evidence that shows how Israel had motive to killing all of those people on that fateful day?

Whenever Israel wants to bomb a country, it’s strange (or not so strange) that some mass event such as what took place in France just recently, takes place to enable Israel or those working for Israel to bomb that country.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, does it matter? We all know by now (or at least those of us that have a right mind) that when Israel wants a country bombed, it will have it bombed. Hoax, false flag, you name it. Israel will make sure that it gets done. Even if it has to use certain countries or nations to do so.

Third World immigration has proven itself to be the failure that it absolutely is. It is a deliberate failure, for white Western civilisation, but as far as the Jew is concerned it is success. The Jew wants to see white Western civilisation bought down to its knees, so that the goy will do Judaism’s every bidding, as the plebeian slaves that they are!

Shaun does not see people waking up as much as he would like. Caller Nick discusses this topic with Shaun. A great call between the two gentlemen.

Many things that Shaun wanted to get to, will be covered on Thursdays (Fridays) show, at renegadebroadcasting.com.



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