30th of Oct, 2015 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

During this edition of the broadcast ladies and gentlemen, I spoke about a police officer that got himself into trouble over the aboriginals. I wasn’t able to find a link to provide you during the show itself. Thank you to Dennis in Aus for finding me a link for the published broadcast.  Click here to read it for yourself.

Slap on the wrist for racist South Australian police officer

Had I known the exact details at the time I would have discussed it at further length. The article is not only hilarious, but it goes to show the frustrations that even the police have to go through with these aboriginals.

Don’t let anybody tell you that the only reason the police do this is because the police are bastards, because that simply isn’t true. Whilst the police are indeed out of line about a great many things, thanks to our governments militarising them, this is not one of them.

I’ve known quite a few police officers in my time and they’ve all said the same thing about the aboriginals. And as I told you on the show so many times before, I myself have had to live around the aboriginals and what the police officers have told me, (including Sergeants) matches up with the problems that I’ve had when I was living in black neighbourhoods.

It’s that proverbial Catch-22 that Lee Rogers and myself were talking about when we were discussing the Ferguson riots. Whilst we don’t want the police too much in our lives, they cannot be blamed for taking the Negroes and the aboriginals to task when things such as the Ferguson riots are taking place, and the aboriginals are getting out of hand over here in Australia. We must define the difference. Police officer hurting old lady for no reason, or police officer letting an aboriginal know how he feels because of the shit that they cop.

On this edition, I also discuss some of the comments over at the Renegade Tribune, including those comments that proceeded to try and tell Kyle what he should and shouldn’t have on his own website.

My apparent ties to Andrew Anglin and much more here on Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed…



3 thoughts on “30th of Oct, 2015 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

  1. Just for some context in regard to the Perth residents fighting maccas, ..”Applecross” is one of the most upscale suburbs(probably second only to Peppermint Grove) in WA. Chock full of kikes that don’t want maccas there coz it aint kosher. Remember Shaun, scratch a scab and you will inevitably find a jew. Another good show btw. Monty


  2. Wow Shaun what do you think of the plane crash now. You discussed McCain talking about doing this then it happens, coincidence? These are the type I don’t believe in.

    Also Shaun you talked about the Celtic people’s party meeting. I was there that day and heard that speech live. It was Tony O’Neil, party leader talking. Are you going to discuss it on another show as you said.


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