25th of Sep, 2015 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • Charles Giuliani joining the Renegade Ranks
  • The negro hand in inventing White Western Civilisation (cough cough)
  • White girls being palmed off to third world muds by their lazy parents
  • Homo’s running rampant in the streets like 1940’s rabid dogs
  • The general degeneracy of Western Civ thanks to jew handlers

Caller John calls in and discusses what a mess we are in and more as usual…







4 thoughts on “25th of Sep, 2015 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

  1. Hi Shaun,

    I know you like feedback and/or constructive criticism and I’ve been meaning to get to you on this one for a while but kept forgetting to comment 🙂

    When you correctly talk about testicular fortitude (or lack there of) you then go on to describe the female equivalent as “vaginal” fortitude. Incorrect Sir! The correct female equivalent of testicular fortitude would indeed be “ovarian” fortitude! If you continue to use “vaginal” for the female then you may have to revert to “penile” for the male and well, that just sounds silly when you’re actually trying to say “grow some balls” now doesn’t it?! Hehe!

    Hope you’re having a good time with the kids while they’re on holiday mate.

    All the best 🙂


    • You know Itzda Joo’s, I should know better by now. Back when Tara Beth was doing the PAZ hour with me on Orion, she continuously pulled me up on using the term “vaginal fortitude”. She said exactly the same thing you did. “It’s ovarian fortitude Shaun… Vaginal fortitude sounds so rough!” lol.

      I shall double my efforts Itzda.


      P.S. Had a great time with the kids over the holidays. Cheers for the comment.


  2. Hi Shaun; I was hoping you’d see my comment in the last CG show, re the most recent Ren shows (2 CGs & 1 Sinead) you’re hosting here, have their mp3s hosted at renegadebroadcasting and are thus unavailable until that migration mess gets sorted out.

    thx & keep up the great work, I feel your pain 🙂


    • ^ DOH! scratch that! I just noticed Ren B. & Trib are back up, as well as Crazzfiles… and mp3s are working. 🙂

      By “migrating servers”, did you stay with the same webhost company, who you had suspicions about?


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