Sadie the Cleaning Lady

Greetings Ladies and Gents.

Well, we’ve had some great comments coming in when it comes to yesterdays broadcast.  People have also been emailing me and commenting in Skype about how they know what Steam is like and that the forums there are notorious for this behaviour.  Even at the Steam forums themselves, some people have noted that Helix is well known for his stalking.  We did however, get one whole comment that has been negative and I want to address this in detail.

Somebody that goes by the name of Sadie took a look at a whole thread and has deemed me (Shaun)  vitriolic and vile.  In her own words she believes that I am actually the problem because of my vile statements over there in the “Pile of Cow Dung” thread.  The thread that I clearly spoke about yesterday on the show.  The thread that I did not try and hide from you the listener.  So why would I do a show on it, if I had something to hide, whilst pointing you in the direction?

Sadie went on to speak about how evil I was and that she would protect her children from me.  Fair statement, given that the thread she speaks about, I was quite blatant.  I even called some people in their attention whores.  I called them this, because I was accused of being a troll, as usual, due to my negative comment about the game.  They had said I was a troll because I hide behind anonymity.

What Sadie doesn’t speak about is the fact that I clearly stated in yesterdays broadcast, that I too was a criminal in all of this, because I bit back.  The first post from Helix where he directly addresses me, he too accuses me of being a “1 meter troll”.  Another thing Sadie doesn’t speak about is the fact that this is ONE thread where I had, had enough.  When you come from multiple forums and threads where people have attacked you mercilessly time and time again, there comes a moment where you have had enough and you let them have it.  Even in a vile and vitriolic fashion.  Hence why I stated, that I was a criminal in this as well.  I wasn’t hiding that fact, so I don’t know where Sadie gets off calling me a fake.

My point on the show yesterday, was not as much about the content (except when people are telling others to hang themselves) as much as it was about the Stalking and Obsessive behaviour.  You don’t see me following people around, thread to thread to harass and attack people.  The reason you won’t see that, is simply because I don’t do it.  The proof is in the pudding.  You will however see how obsessed Helix and Mandrake are, as they follow people around the threads deliberately attacking them.  Never letting up.

The fact that it is an adult game and that there are safe guards in place was also mentioned by Sadie and she alludes to them being quite enough in a sense.  I say to her, that if you think for a moment that these safe guards will keep your children out you have another thing coming.  Especially if you have a teenager.  And in all seriousness, I ain’t afraid of allowing my teenager to play these games, I make that no secret.  He’s old enough to know right from wrong and I ain’t one of these parents that bubble wrap my children.  But when it comes to the forums, this is a different story, because telling a 14 year old to hang himself could indeed have dire consequences as we have seen in the past.

It’s also stated that I was implying Helix and Mandrake to be a pedophile.  That’s strange, because I clearly stated that they share traits to pedophilia, which are obsession and stalking, which is plain and simply a fact.  These are traits of pedophilia.  If Sadie had have listened further to the broadcast, she would have also heard me say that I don’t think he is a pedophile.  I was referring to Helix.  Nor do I think Mandrake is a pedophile either.  Just for the record.  But this is not to take away from the fact that they share these traits and this should be concerning to any parent.

Yes, Ladies and Gentleman, I was vile and I was vitriolic.  I’d had enough.  To a certain degree, you can even see my original post, that I had written that I just didn’t give a shit anymore.  Because I knew no matter what I wrote, that I would be attacked for it.

This is not something that happened in just one thread.  This is not just a one thread issue though.  It has happened time and time again on multiple other threads and forums and there comes a time where even the most controlled of people can have enough and let rip.  Don’t you dare act all self righteous on me Sadie.  I am only human.  But human, is not stalking people and harassing them on daily basis and telling them to go and hang themselves.

Let me be very clear on this.  I know what I see in front of me and I know where I was a criminal in all of this and I didn’t need your diatribe to tell me.  It’s very different to be rude to people than to obsess over and stalk people continuously, over and over.

Are you aware Sadie, that not long after the show, the developers systematically started deleting posts left right and center?  I bet you didn’t know that.  Of course you didn’t because you’re only half arsed in getting a story, so you only end up with half a story.  You didn’t look into the harassment that people like myself and Snake had to put up with over years and months.

I thought the developers were finally starting to do their jobs, but it turns out that they weren’t doing any such things.  They were sorting messages, between those that agree with their game and those that don’t.  They went through multiple threads and deleted incriminating comments made by Helix and Mandrake whilst leaving other comments there, (luckily I got screenshots of many of their comments, including the “hang yourself” comment) that were negative on the side of Snake.  Even the developers are in on this to the hilt.  I never thought that they too, would be deliberately vindictive in this.  I was wrong.

So you go ahead and put the blame on me Sadie, because I can take it.  But the truth is the truth.

I may have been vile and vitriolic out of anger, but at least I don’t stalk people.

Thanks for listening.


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