31st of Aug, 2015 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus & Snake

This edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed is not necessarily genre pretty to a normal TCTA broadcast Ladies and Gentlemen, but nonetheless has something to offer to a wide audience that is entertained in one way, shape or form.  Whilst it is about gaming, it correlates to anybody in the way of their form of entertainment.

If you happen to be a person that allows your children to play games and participate in forums across the board, when it comes to Steam, then you may be in for a shock.

As many of you know, I have been researching pedophilia for most of my life, due to the fact that my father was a pedophile and I have to say, that although I do not necessarily believe the people we speak of here to be pedophiles themselves, they definitely share certain traits.  Such as tracking and stalking along side an obsession of the likes you would never expect, to come out of forums, that children are a part of.

The comments made in Steam are of the Public Domain, so we will give you some links in the next few days, should you be interested in checking them out yourself.

Listen and learn Ladies and Gents about something that YOUR children may be presented with over in the Steam forums and Thank You for listening.







4 thoughts on “31st of Aug, 2015 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus & Snake

  1. This show served it’s purpose well. I am now receiving comments that pertain to the fact, that it’s the “first time in forever” that the developers of the game are moderating the forum.

    The cretin known as Helix is at his best lying again. He claims that the station is impossible to contact, so he’s either as dumb as **ck or he is lying and I am moving with the latter, given that all he has to do is contact Kyle right here on the very website that is announced on every break on the broadcast.

    They are running scared. They did not begin to imagine that the show they were going to hear was not just an amateur podcast, but rather an authentic broadcast being covered by AM and FM affiliates. It’s shocked them to the bone.

    The character known as Mandrake was near begging for mercy and so he should. Telling people to hang themselves, in a forum where children frequent, is VERY telling of the type of person Mandrake is. Absolutely unacceptable.

    Somebody even went to the length of saying that I deleted the link to the show over there, but it’s still there in the main thread. It was deleted by the developers themselves, in another thread. I have also spread the show in other forums, because it relates to people there as well.

    My Thank You goes out to Snake for having the testicular fortitude to come on the show and speak about this. These pieces of gutter filth will now think twice about what they say in the future.

    I will be keeping an eye out on them and if they keep up their stalking I will do follow up segments here and there, showing their disgusting behaviours.

    Helix has threatened recourse on what was said about him and his peasant known as Mandrake. I look forward to it indeed.


    • The biggest issue here though Jacko, is that it was sold as pile of shit upon it’s full release date.

      It didn’t get a proper patch until the 26th of August this year. (2015)


      • It wouldn’t be the first time. Not an excuse, just a reality. STALKER games are held in similar regard: buggy, not optimised. Even the Metro series has massive hardware requirements to run very smoothly and could reasonably be considered not optimised. Personally I was so disappointed with Fallout 3: New Vegas I uninstalled it after a few hours and regretted the $10 I spent on it because I can’t even give it away! Yet it has a very large and loyal fan base.

        The stalking side of the forum users is an important discussion. It shows a cultural decrepitude that is creeping in all over the West. Quite frankly I believe we are being dragged down by people that behave like this.

        As a reference Steam gathers data on its customers’ system-specs so you can get a picture of what hardware is prevalent.

        My care-factor hit zero a bit during this show (so I skipped through a few minutes here and there), but that’s just my preference, not a an actual problem with the show which was well conducted and high-quality audio.


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