13th of Aug, 2015 5hr Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus & Guests

**Please be aware that if you are religious, this episode of TCTA is probably not for you.  Very deliberate derogatory jokes are made about the Virgin Mother to give you an example.  BYOB or even just “heavy drinking” editions of the show are to be taken as you would expect them to be.  They are fun and there are no holds barred.**

This was a surprise edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed Ladies and Gentlemen.  Shaun catches up with a couple of Skype mates to talk about a plethora of subjects, ranging from liberal double speak to the IRA.  Jacko from Australia and Peter from Ireland, indeed add great flavour to the broadcast and set an example for people that want to become a part of the show, whether they be listeners or show hosts.

I won’t give a detailed description Ladies and Gents, given that I have been broadcasting for 5 hours and have had to publish this on the website, leaving me with little time to sleep for tomorrows show with Dr. Rebecca Carley.  You can catch that show today at 10 PM EST or EDT as some like to put it.  Thursday 13th of August 2015.  Or Friday 14th at 12 PM for the Aussies, over at Renegade Broadcasting.

In the meantime, make perfectly sure you have some time up your sleeve to listen in to this 5hr, surprise edition of TCTA.



One thought on “13th of Aug, 2015 5hr Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus & Guests

  1. Another great show Shaun. Nice to hear a fellow Irishman on talking about our situation. I wonder would you have an email address for Peter as i’d like to contact him. The more fellow nationalists network the better in my opinion.

    By the way I wonder have you seen this regarding Crap music. A whistleblower has came out and told of a secret meeting over 20 years ago to change music forever. There is no firm proof this really happened but if you look at the direction music took in the 90’s it make total sense to me. Just like the protocols this story looks like reality.



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