Shank Talk World Wide & Mel Gibson

As I promised Ladies & Gentlemen, I would keep Peter’s show coming in a gradual fashion and that is what I am doing.

This was one of my favourite episodes of Shank Talk World Wide.  Peter speaks about when Mel Gibson got himself into trouble.  Given that Peter has indicated in the past that he does not like bad language, I was particularly proud of how he enjoyed the fact that Mel used bad language towards these corrupt jew pigs.

This episode was recorded live back in 2006 and you even get to hear me call in and discuss a few things with Mr. Schaenk.  Listening back to it myself, makes me realise just how comedic it was, even if somewhat unintentionally, given that I was so wet behind the ears when it comes to the understanding of Western Civilisation.  Peter must have had his job laid out in front of him to have so many students to teach whilst running his studio almost alone.

Grab your favourite beverage and have a listen to one of the few great men that spoke about the Jew World Order, not to mention the ongoing negro problems, all that time ago.



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