20th of Jul, 2015 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus & Kyle Hunt

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed:

Kyle has this edition for download over at Renegade Broadcasting and has provided us a link, so that you are able to hear the show here and now, due to Kiwi6 (where Shaun normally hosts his files) being down at the present time.  We’re not sure when Kiwi6 are going to get this problem resolved, but until then, Kyle has allowed us to keep the show between he and Shaun at Renegade.

Kyle & Shaun have had a bit of a past, for those of you that don’t know.  When Shaun first joined Oracle Broadcasting, he was the only host at the time that was discussing anything when it comes to the problems between different races.  Then came JimmyX and around the time Shaun was leaving, Kyle become a part of Oracle and would go on to discuss similar things to Shaun.  He too found that it was not easy to discuss such subjects in a politically correct world on at very least, a somewhat politically correct radio network.

Kyle would go on to soon be fired from Oracle and decided that if you’re going to do a job right, you really have to do it yourself and not only did he create his own network, known as Renegade Broadcasting, he would also organise the first White Man March and create a ground shaking documentary called Hellstorm, written by Thomas Goodrich.

Please keep in mind, that due to Kiwi6 being down, the built in player will not function with the link provided by Renegade, so for now you will have to click your right mouse button on the word ‘DOWNLOAD’ and then ‘Save Link As’ or for some of you, it may be ‘Save Target As’ etc….


EDIT:  Kiwi6 is now back up and running and the show can be played in the player below.  Thank You for your patience.


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