Kiwi 6 Down At the Moment

Hey there people.  You’ve probably noticed that you’re unable to download any of the shows at the moment.  This is because Kiwi6 has suffered a harddrive failure it seems.  They are relying on backups and there are some delays in the process, making these backups available.  As it is that I am a paying customer I have priority to continue uploading over those with free accounts, but I won’t be doing this until Kiwi6 get their problems worked out, for obvious reasons.  Below is the message I received from Kiwi6 themselves:

Due to a hardware issue, some files and services are currently unavailable.

If you are a premium user, your files will continue streaming from backups. Some files may take longer to restore from backup than others, resulting in a timeout or 404 until it is available.

At this point, we do not expect any data loss. If your files are not working – please try again later.

Depending on load, only a certain subset of users may be allowed to upload new files. As always, paid users will have priority in the upload queue.

We expect service to be restored over the next several days. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

As for other news, you’re probably wondering why my shows have been few and far between compared to what they use to be.  This is simply because I am spending more time in life, rather than keeping my head buried in the crap that we face.  As you well know, not coming up for a breather once in a while and spending some time doing other things can soon get on top of you and I’d rather take a bit of a break here and there than become burned out.  I’ve just spent some refreshing time with my kids and I’m ready to rumble, so you can expect a show or two this week as long as Kiwi6 comes back up, otherwise I will record the shows and upload them later.   Never any shortage on something to speak about, that’s for sure.

In the meantime, stay cool and I’ll see you on-air.



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