5 hrs Worth of TCTA Goes Bye Bye

Hey there Ladies and Gents.  Shaun here.  Yesterday I sat at the microphone for 5 hours, not only playing back the discussion Lee and I had when we met up in Sydney, but doing a further couple of hours myself, due to the fact that I had not been at the mic for a while now.  My kids and I were spending some time with each other of course over the school holidays and after that I had to meet Lee in Sydney.  As you can imagine everything went smoothly BUT the recording of yesterdays show.  Bill Gates’ Windows 7 decided to take a shit at the last moment for some reason and glitched out on me, causing the recorder to spaz.  So after 5 hours of some great ranting (if I do say so myself) and playing back the discussion between Lee and I, I almost fell off my chair to learn that it was gone, just like that.  Pissed off was not the word for it.  No amount of Gates’ billions could train him enough for what I would have done to him if we could have gotten into the ring.  I would have broken his stupid Gates face.  I am currently now using a different recorder as you can imagine.

Not all is lost though my friends, because I of course still have the conversation between Lee and I and I am going to post both parts 1 & 2 here right now for your listening pleasure.  I trust this will suffice and we will be having Lee back on the show very soon, when he returns to the show to further discuss his Aussie experiences.  We will discuss our trip to the Blue Mountains and such among other things such as some Daily Slave articles.

As it is that directly after doing yesterdays show, I fell quite ill with flu like symptoms that have just near wiped me out, so I probably won’t be doing anything live for a few days.  Or at least until I recuperate.  My immune system is already in overdrive whilst I keep shoveling it the vitamin C.  I’m hoping this does not last very long as it has clammed up all my muscles and I am burning like a motherf……  Well you know what I mean.

In the meantime, thanks for your patience over the school holidays and whilst Lee and I were hanging out for a while and I hope you enjoy listening to the discussion we had as much as we enjoyed having it.

Take care my fellow hate mongers.  Ha!  I love that saying…  Hate Monger.  It just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?





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