23rd of June, 2015 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun speaks about:

  • Normalising the jew world order
  • Huff Post Gay Voice cries about gay pervert teacher being fired
  • Down Syndrome looking shooter kills Negros in chruch
  • Confederate flag asked for removal by retarded jew
  • Red Flag – Australia used as a test dummy for machine overload
  • Asian Migrant Smugglers paid to take migrants home again
  • Stuff Black People Don’t Like – Chauncey Devega asks silly questions














10 thoughts on “23rd of June, 2015 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

    • Yes it does, you just ain’t doing it right Fred. Right mouse click on it and “Save as” or “Save target as” …. Then select your download location.



  1. There must be a bug with your site mate, I can’t listen to any of your recordings. Clicking on the download link redirects to a error page, hopefully you can sort it out, all the best.


    • Checked it all out for you, as I did the last commenter. Sam result. Everybody else has been able to listen. Check your settings, because the problem ain’t mine.


  2. Can confirm that everything is working as usual using Opera browser, rightclicking “DOWNLOAD” link and clicking “Save Linked Content As…”. Have always been able to do this and nothing has changed. Fred & Revisionist – the problem is at your end.


    • PS. Left-clicking the “DOWNLOAD” link here results in the podcast playing in my browser so again no problem with that either. If you guys are left-clicking it and getting errors then your browsers probably just don’t have audio plugins set up properly. Either way this site works perfectly so the problem is the way you guys are trying to access the content.


  3. Any sign of a new show Shaun? I know school holidays happen around this time down under so I thought maybe that was why the small hiatus atm 😉


  4. First of all to all MORONS who do not KNOW there OWN history, but rather take the spoonful of JEW BULLSHIT as “medicine for their IGNORANCE.

    The battle banner, they all bitch about, never was a flag of the Confederate States of America (CSA).

    It was a battle banner known as the “Southern Cross”, the historic Confederate battle flag, first used by the army of Virginia.

    The actual flag of the Confederate States of America (CSA), was the “Stars and Bars”. It caused much confusion on the battle field ( its resemblance to the United States flag ) therefor a replacement flag was commissioned in 1863 “The Stainless Banner” whose white background in windless conditions could be mistaken as a flag of truce or surrender.

    Finally “the Blood-Stained Banner”) was adopted as the third Confederate national flag on 4 March 1865.

    The battle banner known as the “Southern Cross”, is flown as a historic symbol of those great armies, also in remembrance to all who fought and fell for those same armies.


  5. Fred here again. Just wanted to let you know that there was no error on my part. I know how to use a computer, infact I am a programmer. So I can definitely state that there was a problem, and for at least 3 days, where I couldn’t download this file (and any other file linked from here to your download host kiwi6). Usually I use tor, but I tried downloading the files from my ip address and a friend’s ip address. Both with the same result.

    The problem was not your site, but it was a problem with kiwi6. I thought originally that they had blocked known tor ip addresses, but after I tried with my own and a friend’s I assume there was some issue with them. As my friend has a different service provider, I can’t think of any other reason.

    Anyway, great shows.

    This is a revealing video if you haven’t seen it which you might be interested in covering in future shows. It is HD footage of newspaper articles where they are pushing the 6 million jews narrative between 1915 and 1938, note most of these were written before Hitler became fuhrer. Found this info from a poster on another site.

    “SIX MILLION JEWS” reference in ten newspapers between 1915 – 1938


    • Yeah Hi Fred. I apologise for all the confusion gentlemen. There was indeed an error. It turns out that Kiwi6 had been alerted to a copyright infringement deal. I was hosting one of Celtic Rebel’s shows as a favour for Lee and he must have played a full song on his broadcast because they allegedly shut down my account for a few days before they decided to disable the link to CR’s show, given that I am a paying customer of the account. They were late on letting me know, hence the 3 days I didn’t know about.

      I just got back from Sydney late last night and I am going over the talk between Lee and I before I play it, so that I know there are no errors and I will then do a show. I will be live today/tonight but please be aware that it will be late for those of you in the States and in the UK. It will probably be in 2 or 3 hours from now.

      Thanks for the heads up on the problem over at Kiwi.


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