2nd of June, 2015 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

Before we even get to what the show was about Ladies and Gents, let me please lay it out yet again, what our listenership consists of.  TCTA is not a big network and never will be more than likely, due to the content involved.  Our predominant listener numbers do not come from live listening.  Our target audience is the United States, but seems to attract more people from the UK than anywhere else.  This means that our live times (12PM Australian & 10PM USA) is 3AM on the most part in the UK.  People ain’t going to be awake at this time to listen live, so most opt to download the show the next day.

The reason that I am writing this, is because there has been some concern shown about how many listeners the show gets.  Most people are very heart felt and exclaim that there should be more listeners, but they seem to be basing their data on the live show.  The live show Ladies and Gents is nothing to base anything on, because since I have left the network scene, the live numbers for many reasons have always been dismal.

Some of those reasons:

  • People are not awake (they are sleeping) in target areas (10PM USA – 3AM UK)
  • The show has many critics coming from other networks
  • The content is not (libtard or labtard) (republicrat or demopublican) listener friendly
  • People don’t spread the word – They say they do, but they don’t
  • Shaun doesn’t care as much as he should or once did which doesn’t help

And the list goes on…

All in all, we are getting around 500-1000 people a week on average that listen and download the show after it has gone up on TCTA Unleashed and the Daily Slave.  This is not too shabby, but it shows that the live show is nothing to compare when it comes to the archive or podcast side of things.  Then we have 1650AM and 107.9FM that replay the shows as well, but either way, there is no way to quantify the listenership this way.

The show is what it is and we have never made any excuses for it before and we are not about to start now.  You’ll either love it or hate it.  You’ll either give it a listen or download it, or you will not do either.  It’s all based on what you get from it.

Like it OR hate it, Shaun will always tell you as it is.  Of that you can guarantee.

Enjoy the show.












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