Just As We Promised You Ladies And Gentlemen

Well as Shaun said on his last broadcast, here is the clip where he spoke some time ago about the so called, “multicultural success story”.  We here at TCTA Unleashed, like to call it the, “Multiracial suxcesspool”.  Of course, because it sux and it’s a cesspool.

Shaun speaks about the problems that come with multiracialism/culturalism, when it comes to people of 3rd worlds being foisted upon those of us within Western Civilisation.

** Please note, that when Shaun speaks of “multiculturalism” or “multiracialism” he is not referring to other races and/or cultures within Western Civilisation.  Many of the white western worlds such as Italy have helped create Australia and Shaun recognises this as a good thing.  Should you happen to be Italian, Greek, Irish, Scottish, English etc, your ancestry could well have had something to do with the creation and the progress of Australia.  Rather than the fall of Australia, which is what 3rd world people seem to do to every western world they become a part of.

For those of you that argue, that Italians are not white, you need to do your research as to what parts of Italy come from which parts of the world and if you don’t know what we mean by that, then you obviously need to freshen up on your worldly knowledge.  Perhaps a trip to Italy would do you well.

** Also note:  For those of you that are new to the broadcast, don’t come complaining to us if you didn’t like what you heard in the clip, because we quite frankly don’t give a f*ck!  There is bad language and there is open and free speech.  Shaun wouldn’t have it any other way.

Last but not least….

Spread it far and wide along with the links to the Daily Slave and TCTA Unleashed and enjoy!!!


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