29th of Apr, 2015 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed:

  • Shaun speaks of how he resents those that call Charles Giuliani “jewliani” – Is it any wonder that this so called “movement” gets a bad name with rot like this
  • Baltimore – Don’t say we didn’t warn you – It’s time to reap the whirlwind that you created apologists
  • Shaun speaks a little on feminism after a Renegade host touches on the subject
  • The term nigger and why Shaun uses it sometimes on the broadcast
  • Israel making antisemitism world crime for jews

* Please note that during the show I kept saying, “creator of Storm Front”, but I actually meant “Daily Stormer”…

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12 thoughts on “29th of Apr, 2015 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

  1. Hi Shaun, just thought I’d do a running response to your show, which I typed out as I listened. Here it is.

    hater racist white supremacist only applies to Whites in White nations. (That’s because Jews are at war with Whites).

    CNN reporting on the riots. It’s people and youths. Some people say these rioting people and youths are the minority but I don’t see any candlelight vigils by blacks. Are there any? The fact is blacks are savage and the reason why they get shot by cops is because they are out of control. This has nothing to do with skin colour because indians or south east asians with dark skin don’t get shot at this rate. Even though they should gtfo of white nations.

    Correct, how does looting and burning mean protesting? It’s just an excuse for the animals to chimpout. No other race does this stuff.

    Reaping the whirlwind: Yes, and it’s only going to get worse. As our people become more and more a minority we will be increasingly attacked. This is definitely true when Whites are surrounded by Blacks – South Africa and Haiti are prime examples. But other races will descriminate against us.

    Baltimore worth nothing: That’s what happens when Africans are the majority. They are not capable of sustaining a White civilisation. It’s a fact, there is no reason to deny it.

    Boons with pants down. I live in a town in WA a bit north of Perth. Believe it or not in my flat complex Whites are the minority, there are chinese, indians, africans. Two new FOB africans arrived a few days ago and the male one obviously got drunk and was walking around the grassed area with his pants down. Now the reason I live in a low socio economic flat complex is not because I am retarded and I have a degree in computer science, but I won’t go into this here.

    Not agreeing on everything: This is especially true when it comes to religion. I don’t care if someone is a Christian but when Christians in the White movement tell me I must be a Christian it is offensive, because the native religion of most of Europe known loosely as Asatru today, worked very well. Infact it worked so well that there were no non-Whites in Europe for 40,000 years. Also, a recent study on viking remains shows that half the warriors were actually women. Whether this is a good thing is debatable but that is the truth.

    Palming off children to strangers is all about indoctrinating children into group think where they all think the same, just what is neccessary for a new world order. That is the reason for raising taxation levels and introducing feminism. It’s all about the homogenisation of everything – race, culture, upbringing (apart from the jews of course).

    Many women can be very seductive but alot of them are just doing this for attention. If a woman is seductive to more than one man at a time, avoid her. The problem here is that the media owned by jews promotes scantily clad women, sex on tap, and then women emulate this. Then men are also trained by the same media that women who do this are the bees knees. Men look for feminine women but you must approach them.

    Niggers well they sold their own into slavery, Arabs (Muslims) enslaved blacks and still do.

    Black Dr Tony Martin talks about the Jew role in the African slave trade:

    North African Moors enslaved Whites (Barbary slave trade). All these words are all about training Whites into being scared little pussies who don’t stand up and defend themselves. The same with racist nazi bigot etc. The Jew Leon Trotsky coined the word “racist” and his bunch of merry looters used their media to ram it into our collective psychology with their media and movies.


    Now there are those who try and fail to debunk this, BECAUSE IT IS PROVEN BEYOND A DOUBT. And there are those who debunk the protocols of the learned elders of Zion.

    The fact is the protocols are occurring and it’s not White people who want this. And the fact is the term “racist” is only used against Whites in order to psycho bash our people to accept being invaded and genocided. And all these anti-White slander and slur and psycho bashing terms are and have been disseminated by Jewish media.

    Kyle Hunt’s graphic on who owns the media here (and hence who programs your mind):

    This is part of his excellent article about destroying the Anti-White Arguments

    Abos say this is their land, but there were pygmies in Australia before Aboriginals.

    There’s no point removing ourselves as there are other races capable of maintaining a White like civilisation – ie, East Asians. And from what I’ve encountered from working with East Asians, they are extremely racist towards everyone – including Whites.

    If Whites become the minority and lose power, East Asians will commit genocide against Abos with no qualms. At the very least, they will not supply welfare or anything like that. Abos will be forced to either get a job or go back to nomadism.

    I missed a few points but my main basic point is that we Whites are a people and we have every right to maintain our civilisation, and that means our race. I’m talking about Anglo Saxons and West Europeans here, but it applies to all Europeans who are under attack.

    We have no duty to give anything to anyone. Aboriginals were divided, there were different tribes (and still are, or “mobs” as they call themselves). They fought with eachother, there is no debate about this.

    Just because we Whites have superior reasoning, creativity and intellect, doesn’t mean we are unworthy of being warriors, or that we somehow have lost the right to protect OUR tribe.

    At the end of the day, I believe our people have the right to exist, and I see nothing wrong with that. The only proper view, if you are unbiased, is that Whites have the right to exist.

    Any attempt to destroy us through mass immigration, name calling, race mixing propaganda (all coming from the elite Jews ultimately), is a call to war.

    Any other race would say the same. We need to wake up because our very existence and future on this planet is under attack.

    Also I don’t condone violence at the present time because it would be suicidal but please send information to people in the army and spread information to your fellow Whites.

    We need to break out of this media induced spell of our people which is causing the slow annihilation of our people.


  2. Shaun , when Charles Giuliani uses unfounded and Marxists slander to promote “case closed” Hitler and all those men as “jew” tools. That is exactly what HE did,. So the return favor of “jewliani” is fully warranted.
    His unfounded slander was sourced and quoted, and it was a very easy thing to do.
    So to profess some great investigative expose as revealing “the jews are behind everything” including the mindset, creation, and actions of National Socialism Germany with such garbage as the basis, yes that deserves in kind.


  3. If he was wrong, he was wrong, but to call him a jew is worse than calling him a c*nt in my opinion. You and I both know that Giuliani is not a jew Northy! Don’t play games. This is exactly what the hierarchy do. And whether you like to think so or not, Hitler WAS indeed a jew tool. I don’t believe that he was in a deliberate fashion and I don’t think he was used as a tool until later in his power, when the jews realised that he could be made to look like a monster, but nonetheless, the jews used him as a tool to secure their agenda. Period. Anybody that can’t see that have their heads up their arses.

    In any case, to call him “jewliani” is notioning toward him being a jew and we both know that this is not true. Statements like this can stain good men for the rest of their days in this “movement” North and you know that as well as I do. It’s like accusing somebody of being a kiddy diddler. It may not be true, but people are cautious of you for the rest of time. Now people like me may not give a shit about what people call me, (I’m immune to it these days) but Giuliani out of all people a jew? Pfft. Don’t make me fucking laugh brother.


    • What he did was misleading and deceitful, disrespectful to everyone’s intelligence.
      Very very amateurish and his unfounded ranting “it’s all the jews” for everything under the sun since the beginning of time does us more harm than anything.
      Time to be accountable for it.


  4. So Giuliani has called you a jew Northy? You know, I’ve seen some pretty fucked up things come out of you sometimes too, but I don’t see Giuliani calling you a jew! Should I start holding you responsible for your nigger loving propaganda on Renegade and call you Niggerpal? Huh? YOU get fuckin serious.

    Listen up! When the jews realised that they could play the victim, and through that win Palestine via the Balfour Declaration, that is EXACTLY how they used Hitler as a tool! Or do you simply see it the way YOU want to see it.

    As much as I respect Hitler to this day, he was unfortunately used and abused by the jew to create this world order we see today. It’s so evident it’s not funny.

    What was it I heard you say on Renegade the other day? “Black people from Africa hate American black people and are so much more decent than American blacks?” Or to something of that notion… Really Northy? Tell that to the fuckin White Farmers in both Africa and South Africa. You may have traveled the world, but you obviously skipped Sudan Darfur among other nasty parts of the country. To this day, I still receive emails from Ed Lyons that frequents these areas of the Persecution Project Foundation about the blacks there joining groups such as the Janjaweed (devils on horse back) and slaughtering their own black countrymen. YEAH! They are soooooo much better than American blacks.

    You’re as good as an apologist for these feral savages. Pull your fucking head out of your arse!


    • “Black people from Africa hate American black people and are so much more decent than American blacks?” – I said that ? Well Shaun dig that out, there are archives, dig that out were I made such a statement, along with all my nigger loving propaganda on Renegade, or Pull it out your fucking arse!, oh but that is what you are doing and it’s “case closed”.
      “When the jews realised that they could play the victim, and through that win Palestine via the Balfour Declaration, that is EXACTLY how they used Hitler as a tool!” – That makes absolutely no sense. Balfour Declaration was signed in 1917, are you telling me they waited for Hitler to in some way take Palestine ??
      The whole German nation was DEMONIZED, does that also make them a jew tool ?
      Every one who fought against Germany was the jew’s tool, not the other way around.
      Every one who brought you the holohoax story was the jew’s tool.
      A tool is a device or implement, especially one held in the hand, used to carry out a particular function. Was Hitler in the jews hand ? Or were the nations who destroyed Germany in the jews hand, used to carry out a particular function ?
      He calls Hjalmar Schacht a jew,- no proof.
      He claims Hitler was influenced by Nietzsche by way of Wagner’s music, – friggin infantile
      He claims documents, notes (although never quotes them) that reveal some incriminating evidence, just like FDR speech about Hitlers secret map of dividing the world into Notsee zones, “right here in my pocket”.
      He quotes verbatim slanderous, unfounded accusations from the communist white rose pamphlets, as if its the holy grail.
      He quotes the same nonsense of unknown mysterious but high level NSDAP pamphlet posted in the infamously communist Munich Post , who for 15 years discredited and slandered Hitler to the point of being successfully sued over it’s actions.
      YES that reveals quite a bit about a persons character, and it is in no way a case of an honest mistake, it is knowingly deliberate.
      Now who do we know who uses those type tactics to abuse and slander ?
      Well, from his own lips, we have heard it from Chawlie Jewliani.


      • My bad on the Balfour Declaration, I meant the Daily Express Declaration, where Judea declared war on Germany in 1933. I also got those two subjects confused on the show once and had to announce a retraction the next day.


        This is the main part that often confuses me between the Declaration of War on Germany through the boycott and the Balfour Declaration:

        “The war by the international Jewish leadership on Germany not only sparked definite reprisals by the German government but also set the stage for a little-known economic and political alliance between the Hitler government and the leaders of the Zionist movement who hoped that the tension between the Germans and the Jews would lead to massive emigration to Palestine. In short, the result was a tactical alliance between the Nazis and the founders of the modern-day state of Israel – a fact that many today would prefer be forgotten.”

        My argument however still stands. As you can see in the above paragraph alone, this is just one of many times, the jews used Hitler as a tool to secure just one small part of a much larger agenda. Catch me out on a technicality, sure, I’m OK with that because I can admit when I am wrong and even when I confuse my facts here and there.

        When it comes to Giuliani, I have to ask you a question.

        Do you really believe that? Do you really believe that Charles is a jew? Because you see Northy, albeit that there has been many things that I don’t agree on when it comes to Giuliani, I have never once believed that he was a jew. It seems just a little bit too much like a school ground mentality to me that I have seen in forum after forum since I started reading about all of this back when I was 17. To call Giuliani a jew, to me seems like we are going back in time. Have we not evolved from all of this?

        Call him wrong, call him a fool for getting his facts wrong about Hitler if that is what you believe, but to call him a jew is no different to slinging childish epithets at somebody in little school when we know he ain’t a jew.

        When it comes to the show where you were saying what I stated above, well, why don’t you join me on the next show so that we can scream at each other there, because I despise a back and forth bitch fight on a forum or in a chatroom. At least on the show we can vent our frustrations and not have to write a fucking book here.

        What say you?


  5. As much as Giuliani is a fountain of information (individuals can decide whether it’s good or bad info) I personally had to just stop listening to him a while back. I most definitely put him in the “interesting-For-A-While-But-Ultimately-Gets-Us-Nowhere” folder.

    There’s a whole bunch of these “researchers” out there that do their thing on the internet but at the end of the day there’s just no tangible evidence that their “information” is actually progressing our cause or improving our plight.

    The only REAL evidence of progress is when REAL people achieve REAL things like changing laws, bylaws, legislation, etc by getting involved in and moving through the ranks of local movements & politics. Northpal is DEFINITELY correct on this!

    Coming proof will be when REAL people do ACTUAL physical things to improve the situation instead of endlessly talking about “what we need to do is…” etc, etc, blah, blah, blah, ad infinitum…

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    • I’ll go as far as saying this. I have had mixed emails coming in over this whole issue. I’ve had more against what Northy is saying than for. One in particular even states, “Northpal leaves no room for people to wiggle. He believes that he’s the in all end all authority on things…” And I’ve butted heads before with him for similar reasons.

      I will be discussing this on the next show with Northpal. The main point at hand here, is does he really believe that Giuliani is a jew and should we be resorting to silly name calling and epithets when it comes to people that are on our side. Because believing in what Giuliani says or not when it comes to Hitler, matters not if he is on our side when it comes to going against our enemy, the jew.

      I get emails all the time about Hitler. Some for, some against. Some have information that agree with what I believe and some have information that go against what I believe. Do I cast them out because of that? No. I instead focus on the task at hand and that is to rid western civilisation of the jew parasite, just as Giuliani is attempting to do. We can worry about the facts about Hitler later.

      Yesterday I had somebody call the studio on the Texas number and I wasn’t even doing a show. The caller explained to me that it does not matter in the end because it’s irrelevant at this point in time, as we are being lied too. And I whole heartedly concur. I don’t give a fuck what Hitler did or didn’t do as much as many others do at this point. I do however give a fuck about what is taking place before us.

      Giuliani is what he is and people don’t have to listen to him. As you said, you put him in a box and don’t listen to him any longer. That’s how I tend to handle things as well if I believe somebody is no longer useful to me. I do not go around making accusations about them being a jew however. Do you see me calling Zap, Foone or Del a jew over at Mami’s? No. I don’t trust them, but I ain’t about to call them a jew.

      I will be speaking about Peter Scheank’s forum on the next show as well. This serves as a good example, even though it was all of those years ago. Peter had to put up with cretins coming in and accusing people of being jews all the time, just because they didn’t agree with what was being said in the forum.

      It’s a childish, school ground mentality and people need to grow the fuck up.

      Giuliani as far as I am concerned, whether he be useful to all of us or not, is on our side. Of that I am sure of. My brother is of no use to me at the moment and has opposing belief systems about Hitler sometimes, but do I call him Brian jewstein? No, because I know that he’s still on my side and fighting the same common enemy.

      The next show will more than likely be Monday 4th here, so this would mean Sunday 3rd for the States. 12PM AEST here, 10PM EST States time.

      I’ve also had people emailing me saying that they will more than likely be calling in on the next show to discuss this as well, so it should be interesting to see what they have to say.

      Thanks for your opinion.


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