Death Threats My Lily White Arse!!!

It’s been reported to Shaun of late that he receives death threats “all the time”.  (Shaun couldn’t possibly know himself, so he MUST get told by outsiders.)  Whilst he is very glad that certain people are concerned for his well being, this could not be further from the truth and Shaun believes that people that believe this nonsense, need to get a hobby and possibly even a life outside of their numb skulls.

In almost every type of media, whether it be the mainstream TV, the alternative Radio, or mainstream and alternative of both, hosts of all walks of life get death threats.  This unfortunate type of event, is bound to take place sooner or later, if not more than once and sometimes often enough for anybody in the public eye to take notice of.  Especially those of us that dare to speak out about those issues that the mainstream refuse to touch upon.

The mainstream media lies by omission.  They often speak half truths like Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh and our very own John Laws, to suit an agenda that they all know, will line their oh so deep pockets further.  Most of the alternative media on the other hand, does it’s best to include every facet and angle of any given subject as much as possible.  This of course can create waves, due to the fact that most Lemming headed morons have been trained to think a certain way, by these very mainstream hosts.

Whilst Shaun did go through a period here and there, where a few basement dwelling, pimple popping dweebs did actually send him some emails that made note of wanting him dead, these threats were never taken seriously and have not occurred since Shaun announced that he would make the IP address of the perpetrator known live on-air.  And these same threats certainly were and are not “all the time”.  Not to mention, all of these threats came from countries outside of Australia.  Predominantly America.

The most threats Shaun and staff of TCTA received was after a show done on the holohoax, and these threats happened around once a month for 6 months.  Given the nature of the threats and the fact that they were sent after the show discussion noted above, it wasn’t hard to realise for anybody with half a brain, that this was typical jew behavior and that Rabbi Shitstein was more than likely behind them.  Hence why we never took them seriously.

To note a few hosts that mention the fact that they too have been threatened, Tony Hall of the BBC was sent a threatening email after having fired Jeremy Clarkson, of Top Gear.  Just recently, the young lady that was to replace Clarkson, was also sent a death threat via twitter.  We also have Alyssa Marino of ABC 57 that was threatened with death more than 300 times after having reported on a Pizza store that would not cater to homosexual weddings.  Then we have all of the death threats that are directed to people that are not of the media, but are still of the public eye, such as Caroline Kennedy, the US Ambassador in Japan and twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey.  Not to mention the Queen of Spain.  And these are just the few that made it known.  Most people that are sent death threats, toss them over their shoulder, knowing full well that the people that sent them are full of crap.

You see, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a Queen, a mainstream host, the director-general of the BBC, Lee Rogers or Shaun Surplus, we all get our fair share, of your typical “public eye limelight” for the lack of a better term.  Whether it’s that we have shows that pertain to butterflies and giraffes or religion and race, matters not.  As long as you have numbers of people watching, reading or listening to you, somebody out there is sooner rather than later, going to be unsatisfied with something you said or did.  Especially with what people like Lee Rogers and Shaun Surplus speak about.  Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if Humphrey B. Bear or Fat Cat have received their fair share of hate mail for whatever ridiculous reason, but to say that Shaun receives “death threats all the time” is utterly ridiculous and a complete lie.

The mail that we receive here at TCTA Unleashed and over at the Daily Slave is abundantly good.  If it wasn’t, then we’d think that we were wasting our time and would probably move on.  In fact, what we’re seeing between both websites and the broadcast, is an excellent rise in traffic and more and more of the people that make up that traffic, are making their opinions and facts known.  These are not just your common people either I might add.  One only need take a look at some of the comments over at the Daily Slave to realise that we not only have numbers growing, but intelligent people to boot.

To all of you people that seem to live a pathetic life of Kumbaya and Days of Our Lives, you need to cut the crap and stop spreading rumors that simply are not true.  Shaun has been broadcasting on and off since 2003 and he’s still here.  How arrogant of you that you may think, that because you come along of late and hear his show, that somehow things would change, from the way that they have always been.  The risk factor that comes with TCTA has not changed one iota since Shaun began.

To all of you that have been enjoying the articles over at the Slave and the broadcasts here at TCTA, we thank you for your time and efforts.

The TCTA Team

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