Kyle Hunt and the White Man March This Coming 21st of March, 2015

Kyle Hunt, of Renegade Broadcasting has let me know of the upcoming White Man March, where white folk will come together to march against White Genocide.  Don’t miss out on today’s show (TCTA) with Kyle Hunt, so that you can get all the details about the event.

Shaun will be live at 10PM EST American time / 1PM Australian ADST



In the meantime however, take a look at the video that Kyle has put together for the march.

5 thoughts on “Kyle Hunt and the White Man March This Coming 21st of March, 2015

  1. kyle hunt did not start the whitemanmarch he took the name and all the hard work and took credit for it. the way he ran it was not the way we wanted to be. it was to stop all illegals here in the usa. it was asked to be shut down by the pres of the sac skins. before it was shut we it had 15 states ready to march. u got the wrong guy


    • There was apparently a “White Man March” on My Space back around 2007. It was barely recognised from what I understand and I have spoken to Kyle about it and he said that he himself had never heard of it.

      Anyway, for argument sake, what the fuck do you care, as long as it came to pass? If you think you can do it better, stop ya fucking moaning and go out there and do it better! I’m sure Kyle would give you his blessing.

      You people that bitch and moan, yet do nothing yourselves are pathetic. Get a fuckin life.


      • Very nice Brother, Tells me alot about you. If You were part of the new march I can see why It did not work out. I do not just stand by and do nothing or as you put It Moaning . I was the one who started the fucking march.


      • Right, so you started a march and this took place where?

        And if it didn’t take place, then obviously Kyle, was the better man to get it done.

        And I ain’t your fucking brother. You came here to bitch about something with feeble substance. Rather than writing about what you and Kyle could have done together, you had a cry about how it possibly wasn’t left in your obvious incapable hands.

        I don’t believe for a moment that Kyle stole anything. I think he had a great idea and he made it happen. With or without you, Kyle did something great.

        You and your ilk, should be working with Kyle, rather than against him. But I’m guessing you will keep this brainless charade going, because you are in it for the “recognition” rather than the cause.

        Why don’t you come on the show and speak about it? My studio name is lipsync1 in Skype. I will bring you in so that we can discuss it, because right now, I think you’re full of shit.


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