Sometimes We Just Gotta Have Fun

We apologise for not bringing you the show as scheduled last night / yesterday, (depending where on the earth you are) however, Shaun’s Ma came to visit so there was little time to do a broadcast.  To keep you at least a little occupied and smiling, we have something for you below.

Every now and then we like to have a little fun with the audience.  Sometimes on the show, there are those moments that are hard to get through, especially if you have to read something that is humorous.  When you’re reading something funny, aloud for people, it’s even harder than reading to yourself.  Try it some time.  Below, is a snippet from TCTA with one of those moments, that Shaun had trouble with.

Note:  Australians, please keep in mind, that Kohl’s in the States, is different to Coles here in Australia.  Whilst Coles here is only a supermarket on the most part, Kohl’s in the States is more like our Target.



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