The Power of a Marxist Mother

We live in a woman’s world in today’s day and age.  Not only are women now able to vote in many parts of Western Civilisation, but women are also out working.  Sometimes even working jobs that really should be done by men, thanks to that ridiculous notion called, affirmative action and a movement known as feminism.

Between the 1920’s and the 1950’s, Eddie Bernays bought out a campaign that would see women smoking.  By using a psychology in that it made women feel as they had their own penis, Eddie worked his way not only into their panties, (figuratively speaking) but also into their minds and this is where feminism really all took off.

Here we are 65 years later ladies and gentlemen and now we have women that have more rights than men and yet STILL keep screaming for more.  Let’s not even begin talking about how they want their cake and eat it too.  The rights I want to talk about today, are those rights that women have with children, but more so the psychology used by some of these Marxist minded mothers, on their own children.  Here is a story that fits in well for a good example.  This is a true story.  Fake names are used, to protect the privacy of the people involved.

In the early 2000’s, Bob moves away from his girlfriend and their baby boy.  Both parties discuss who will have the child full time and they both decide that it’s in the best interest for the child to remain with the mother.  This is not an overnight decision for Bob, because nobody in their right mind can just change from living with the full time care of the child, to seeing the child hardly at all.  Maternal instinct was a weighing factor and Bob took this into consideration, among many other factors of course.

Several years later, after a few suitors, the mother has a baby girl to a gentleman named Jake.  Jake shoots through before the baby is born, either because he wasn’t ready to be a father or if we are to believe the mother, because he was “man handling” her.  As the baby gets older and reaches 3 to 4 years old, she begins snuggling up under the wing of Bob, because she sees the first child, (now 8 years old) calling Bob Dad and as far as she’s concerned, he is now her Daddy too.  Bob is a bit weary of this at first because although he has had plenty of experience raising girls, thanks to many of his friends, he has never bought up a girl himself before and only ever wanted a son really, but as a small amount of time goes by, he warms up to the idea.  Not only warms up to the idea, but wouldn’t have it any other way.  The little girl, who we will call Sally, see’s him as Dad and he see’s her as Daughter.

Years pass, with the two children staying with Bob every second weekend (not decided by a judicial system, but by the two parties) and half of every holidays.  But then something goes wrong.  Somewhere along the line for unknown reasons to Bob, the mother begins throwing epithets and insults toward Bob, but through the children.  The children begin saying certain things to Bob, that just do not seem to be adding up.  Some of the stories about himself that he is hearing, are true, whilst most are not.  This is very concerning to Bob, not only because it was not needed, but because it was an obvious attempt to turn his children away from him.  To top it all off, the new boyfriend of the mother is being told these same stories, which wouldn’t usually have mattered, however Bob actually respects the new boyfriend, due to the way that he is good with the children.

Now Bob faces a dilemma.  Firstly, he has to sit the children down and explain what was true and what wasn’t.  Bob said to the mother from the beginning, that as adults, they should never bring the children into adult politics, however now he’s forced to do exactly that.  Bob quickly begins calling the mother out on things that are being said and it soon turns sour.  Knowing full well that there is no way that she can stop Bob seeing his son, she turns to the daughter.  The daughter stops coming to visit the man she has called Dad for so many years and when the mother is confronted, she states that it is Sally’s choice not to visit, because last fortnight, they had to buy chickens and this fortnight she’s having a sleep over.  The new boyfriend says, “well it’s just because she’s reaching an age where she’s becoming independent,” as if Bob knows nothing about raising girls.  Having helped raise girls in many ways through friends, not to mention his experience with Sally over the past 6-7 years, this of course is insulting to him.  And given the fact that Bob has known Sally for so long compared to the new boyfriend, needless to say, this in his eyes, was nothing short of a lack of respect and show of absolute arrogance.

Bob understands that girls Sally’s age like to do fun things, as he also understands that it would indeed have been Sally’s choice to want to buy the chickens and have a sleep over.  However, it was very convenient that Sally spontaneously becomes independent immediately after a falling out between the mother and Bob.  He also knows that these things were thrusted under the nose of Sally, so that she would decide not to see him.  This is where the psychology being used on Sally comes in.  The child is not forced to stay away from the man she calls Dad.  She’s merely given a push into a different direction by the Marxist thinking mother.  This is a common tactic with women especially, knowing full well that the Bob’s of the world really have no power over Sally, because she is not biologically his.  This puts almost all other power, including over his Son in the hands of the deceiving mother.  Or does it?  You might be surprised about what you are about to read next gentlemen…

Bob gives a final shout out to the mother through the new boyfriend and says, “if it’s not both, it’s neither”, and of course, neither the now 13 year old boy or 9 year old girl turn up for the weekend.  Bob decides, that if the mother can do such a thing with Sally, then with her unstable mind as it is, she could do it with his son also.  He decides after all of these years on going to court.  It seems the only way.

Bob is given some legal advice that may help those of you out there, suffering the same ordeals, that changes absolutely everything and whilst it may not get direct and immediate results, it will have a dramatic affect in the not too distant future.  He is first told, that due to having taken Sally under his wing for so many years, at very least he is more than likely going to win the favour of the court.  It takes a real and caring man to take on a child that is not biologically his and treat her as she were his own.  He also has something else on his side, that he never could have fathomed.  In Australia, more than ever before, the judicial system when it comes to family law, works very much on an “in the child’s best interest” basis.  10 years ago, you could not have said the same, but Bob is told promptly, “you don’t know what that judge might say after he has read about the case Bob, he may sway in your direction and in the child’s best interest award you time with Sally as well”.  This makes Bob smile from ear to ear.  Where once a man in his position had no hope, men all around Australia can learn something here…  That it ain’t over until it’s over and that good deeds and hard work soon pay off.

There is another way that Bob can go about things if he really feels the need.  And that is to find and contact Sally’s biological father.  The father can freely see his Daughter at almost any time.  Should the mother go out and get a court order, he will still be awarded time with the Daughter because he is her father.  Bob can then share the time he has with his Daughter.

There are many avenues that all of you Bob’s out there can take.  The latter, where the biological father needs to be bought into it, should always be a last resort, because keeping the children’s best interests at hand, is difficult when even more adult politics enters the arena, but the whole point of this paper, is to say one thing…

NEVER give up!  This sick minded mother, may be able to use psychology on her children and it will more than likely work for a while, but sooner or later, the chickens and the sleep overs run out.  Sally will start harping soon enough to be able to see Dad.  And never worry about the “new boyfriend” syndrome.  Children ALWAYS know who has been there for them most over the years.  They do not forget.

Don’t be alarmed if you hear reports back, where Sally may have been saying something about Bob in a negative fashion.  Children learn to placate their parents, especially parents that have split up or divorced.  Sally will more than likely at times, say certain things to make her mother happy and that’s OK.  In her little mind, she is thinking otherwise.  Trust me, because Sally told Bob.

It is indeed a woman’s world thanks to Edward Bernays’ feminist movement, but at very least in Australia, things are looking up for the father.  It may be a long painstaking process, especially in an effort to try and keep the children out of the way during this discourse, but perseverance is everything.  Especially when it comes to the love a father has for his children.

We will keep you informed on Bob’s progress as time goes by.  If you have any questions or queries about law and your rights as a father, write us at and we will do our best to research it for you, to help you along.

Keep smiling Dads!

3 thoughts on “The Power of a Marxist Mother

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  2. Just wanted to give a shout out to my nigger Shaun Surplus. I am really enjoying the show all the way over here in Hawaii! I don’t think you’re racist as much as you are a realist. I think you’re hilarious when you do those voices of the abo, Jew, and all the rest. I was wondering if you had ever heard of the hacker group anonymous and what are your thoughts on that? I also enjoy your atheist point of view. I believe in God myself, but think He is spectator rather than an intervener. It’s like he leaves it up to us to solve our own problems. I’d love to get an email from you! You have a great show and I’d like to get your thoughts on many topics. I have the southern American accent you find so funny. Aussies visiting the island laugh to no end at my accent. Keep up the good work and I’ll write you soon!


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