21st of Feb, 2015 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun rants about:

  • The beast is back – The chat war continues about Rachel Corrie
  • Occidental Apple helps Shaun out with a few hints
  • People greed over bread and milk because of the Aussie cyclone
  • Jace gives us an update on the Salve
  • The powers that be forget about white people becoming extinct
  • Protocol three covered, thanks to Lord Lindsey








One thought on “21st of Feb, 2015 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

  1. upon Germany?

    Jewish Intelligence and Psychological Warfare Corps knowing they could present shrunken heads to a shocked German populace by threat of a gun or hordes of mongol rapists straining on the leash.

    The British under centuries of jewish dominance, more used to European rivalry and resulting wars, experienced the bombing of their Island, with the slipping of their Empire could be swayed.

    But, America who needed a sneak attack to be dragged in to the conflict still had doubts about being in Europe allied with Bolsheviks.

    A Handbook for Military Government in Germany was ready in August 1944 it advocated a quick restoration of normal life for the German people and reconstruction of Germany. Henry Morgenthau, Jr. brought it to the attention of President Franklin D Roosevelt who, under Morgenthau’s influence, after reading it rejected it with the words:

    “Too many people here and in England hold the view that the German people as a whole are not responsible for what has taken place that only a few Nazis are responsible. That unfortunately is not based on fact. The German people must have it driven home to them that the whole nation has been engaged in a lawless conspiracy against the decencies of modern civilization.”

    A new document was drafted, the Joint Chiefs of Staff directive 1067 (JCS 1067). Here the US military government of occupation in Germany was ordered to “take no steps looking toward the economic rehabilitation of Germany [or] designed to maintain or strengthen the German economy” and it was also ordered that starvation, disease and civil unrest were to be kept at such levels where they would pose no danger to the troops of occupation. On March 20, 1945 President Roosevelt was warned that the JCS 1067 was not workable, that millions of Germans would starve to death.
    Roosevelt’s response was, “Let them have soup kitchens!, Let their economy sink!” Asked if he wanted the German people to starve, Morgenthau replied, “Why not?”

    On May 10, 1945 when the JCS 1067 was signed, Morgenthau told his staff that it was a big day for the Treasury, and that he hoped that “someone doesn’t recognize it as the Morgenthau Plan.” The demotions, cabinet shifts, and mysterious accidents like the December 21, 1945 of General George Patton, left all Germans and the world, in the hands that would write,administer, and execute the policies of death by the lowest levels of humans against the highest level of humans.


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