Doug Koehler of TCTA Passes Away

It is with great regret and sadness that I inform you that Doug Koehler, the man that handled our Facebook page along side Ches, has passed away.  Doug wasn’t just a part of the TCTA team though, he has also been a close friend to me for a few years now.  Mid 2011 I believe it was when Doug and I began talking behind the scenes about a great many things.  Politics, philosophy, religion.  Even personal details and life experiences.  Things you wouldn’t discuss with most people.  We were indeed like brothers.

Not long after I had given up smoking, Doug was considering the same.  Both he and I believed that smoking was one of those things that was just a useless waste of time and money.  It was a battle for Doug to do so however, until his health started to deteriorate.  It was then that it became easy and he gave it away.  Unfortunately, it was a little too late and the irreversible damage had been done.

Doug was a sensible man, but like most of us that have addictions, it’s not always easy to kick it at first.  He was a level headed thinker in my opinion.  Whilst he and I did have our differences at times, most things we did agree on.  Whether it be discussion from hookers to priests or evolution to creationism, he and I have discussed it in at very least some detail and we always shared a laugh during these conversations.

As time went on, I introduced Doug to my children.  Both my son and my daughter came to know Doug and Doug came to know them.  I kept him informed of how the kids were doing, including sending him pictures and letting him know how they were doing in general.  On multiple occasions they would speak to him on Skype.  As it was, that Doug did not have any children of his own, this bought him happiness, to know that he was included in their lives.

Doug did have a love of his life.  A woman that he never forgot, until the day he died.  And I could clearly say, that if there IS an afterlife, (something Doug and I do not believe in) he would never forget her there either.  After breaking up with Rose, he met another girl that he would soon be to marry.  Before they married however, he had told his wife to be, that she should know that if Rose were to walk through that door, wanting him back, he cannot promise that he wouldn’t walk back out that door with her.  To this day, were he still here, he would tell you what he told me.  “My wife was an incredible woman, to have married me after I had said that.”

Below are a couple of the last paragraphs that Doug wrote to me, before passing:

“If you do decide to mention anything in your broadcast about my inevitable situation, here is the link to the song that I mentioned, it’s    He Stopped Loving Her Today  by George Jones:       You may also want to mention that the title and the sentiment of the song only applies to this world, if there is anything after this and I can access my memories, that love will be eternal, as I promised Rose.”

“Shaun, I can’t tell you how much it has meant to me that you have allowed me to share the things that you have of yourself and the kids. Let them know that I wish them the very best that life can possibly offer them. I only wish that those of us who have preceded them could have had the wisdom to leave them so much  more. I love you Brother, thanks again.  Catch you later.”

I will indeed be speaking about Doug on the broadcast, when I can finally muster up the strength to do this.  It’s hard enough as it is to hold back the tears while I write this text, so please bear with me.  If I cannot get to the show today, I will try tomorrow instead, but I will do my best to try and make it today, as I have put some of our last conversations together, that we recorded not so long ago.  You will get to hear from Doug himself, for the first time.  He was always shy of coming onto the show, so he never did.  But in his words, “once I’m dead and gone you can play whatever you want on your show motherf*cker.”  He had a great sense of humour at both the best and worst of times, but he meant what he said and said what he meant, even when it didn’t always make sense to the rest of the world.

Whilst I do have a single picture of him, (he was also shy of the camera) I cannot place it here.  I only wish I could, so that you could put a face to the name, however out of respect for other family members also in the photo, I will not do so.

My heart goes out to his family members that survive him and I can only hope that their mourning period includes remembrance of the good times and the smiles they all had together.

I will hopefully see you all on today’s broadcast.  Thank You for reading.

Sorry to see you go my brother.  You are already sorely missed.

8 thoughts on “Doug Koehler of TCTA Passes Away

  1. Shaun – I am so sorry to learn about this. To me the worse thing about dying would be knowing the grief left behind. I didn’t realize how close you two were. I wish I would have had the opportunity to chat with him more. Glad he had some good friends like yourself to make this a lot easier on him through this tough time.


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