TCTA Commences Tues, 27th of Jan

If all goes well and well goes all, TCTA will be back on the 27th of this month Ladies and Gents.  It’s been a frustrating time here in the studio, thanks to Telstra with their usual performance.  Delays, delays and ummm, more delays.  Finally, they are telling us that it’s all a go, so let’s hope everything will be “alright on the night”, as it’s said…

Much has been happening during the festive season and Shaun has been run off his feet trying to keep up, so there is going to be a lot to talk about.  Plenty of audio clips to play, plenty of yelling to be done.

One of the things that really need discussion are the ongoing attacks, when it comes to people being accused of something they are not.  We as radio networks, from behind the scenes network staff, to the host him/herself or even people that run websites such as Lee Rogers have all come under fire.  Doug Owen, Kyle Hunt, Nick Spero among others have all at one time or another been accused of being Co-Intel or a jew or a Nazi etc.  We must be doing something right…

In the meantime, get on over to Telstra’s (the communications network that cause so many delays) Farcebook page and let them know about how you feel, after having to wait so long for your daily dose of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed.  Let’em have it!

Thank You for reading and we will talk soon.

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