7th of Jan, 2015 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

Oh parents, parents, parents…  Can’t we just allow our kids to be kids first?  Is that too much to ask?  Can’t children fall out of trees and learn to pick themselves up?  Can’t those same children run through the hall ways at the risk of breaking our porcelain dolls, simply because that’s what kids do, without having to be called little shits and being punished like adults?  No?  Well then fuck!  I’m glad I ain’t your kid!!!

Shaun ridicules the hell out of bubble wrap parents.  Too many times these days do we see parents that just treat their children as if they have to be grown up NOW!  Far be it from little Johnny to act like a 13 year old…  Or little Tasha to act like a 9 year old.  That would be too much to fucking ask in today’s fucked up adult world.  “Our world is full of adult politics little Tasha, so grow the fuck up”, right?  WRONG!  Perhaps as an adult, YOU need to grow the fuck up.  Uncle Buck puts these parents in their place.

Rumors about Shaun as usual.  No substance nor basis behind these rumors.  Just rumors.  Shaun discusses this topic in this edition.

Even blacks themselves are pissed with what is happening in Ferguson.  Whilst blacks on the most part share the intelligence of a gutter monkey, some of them still understand what is taking place in Missouri and that it is wrong.

Smelly Indians take a shit in their trucks instead of pulling over for a toilet, whilst mechanics in Alice Springs refuse to repair Abbo cars, due to the disgusting things found in their vehicles.

Shaun speaks on how Lee refuses Holohoax jews to be able to comment on the Slave and much more!

*NOTE*  There was some static and sound issues in general, in this edition of the show…  We do apologise and are working on this problem as we speak.


Stream:  http://mixlr.com/surplus

Chatroom:  http://tcta.chatango.com





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