Shaun Will Return Very Soon

Albeit that rumours say that Shaun was hit by a bus or eaten by hungry, man eating, flying Platypuses, Shaun will be returning very soon.  The simple fact of the matter, is that Shaun has a life too.  It’s not because he cannot handle running his network, it’s not because crocodiles ate him, or because a dingo ate his baby…  It’s simply because he needs the festive season to spend with his family and friends.

To those people that have been writing us, about when TCTA will be coming back, we salute you and want you to know that the show will return to air periodically during the holidays and will then come back into full bloom once life returns to normal.

Rumours have been passed around it seems, when it comes to the reasons as to why Shaun did not bring Charles Giuliani onto the network.  These rumours are exactly that people.  The simple fact of the matter is, that potential conflict needed to be avoided and Shaun found it necessary to respect both Tara Beth and Charles at the same time, because he respects them both.  This will be explained in it’s entirety on the upcoming edition, of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed.  Whilst these rumours also state that Shaun isn’t some how capable of running a network, he begs to differ.  Shaun is not as much of invalid status as some may believe.  Again, this too will be discussed on the next show, so don’t miss it!

In the meantime, you all have yourself a great festive season and get some drunk goggles on.  We can’t wait to be back!

The TCTA Team.

One thought on “Shaun Will Return Very Soon

  1. Good on ya cobber! Hope you had a great Christmas with family & friends and a smashing New Year’s! Look forward to hearing you back on the airwaves in 2015 😉


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