27th of Nov, 2014 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus & Guest Brizer

On this edition of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, Shaun and Brizer from Ireland, get into talking about the IRA and where it began.  Brizer speaks on how his grandfather was a member of the faction and did his part to protect his country.  The two also speak about what breakdowns within Irish society have taken place of late and how these disintegration’s relate to the rest of Western Civilisation.

In the meantime, Shaun contemplates moving his time slot for the show, to 10AM Australian Daylight Savings Time, 11PM UK Time & 6PM EST American time, due to the fact that it seems the show suits people in a more worldly fashion.






7 thoughts on “27th of Nov, 2014 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus & Guest Brizer

  1. Unbelievable, you have such a hardon for islam, I just wish you would be less of a block head and understand differences between an actual ethnic problem rather than a religious one, I suggest you visit the bosnian nationalist website and understand our aryan islamic viewpoint. http://www.bosanski-nacionalisti.org,use google translate when needed.

    Also regarding your hatred brendon oconnel, how dare you attack your fellow aussie who sacrificed himself going against the zog establishment, once again you take the jew out and I guarantee your ethnic problems will be resolved within a half a liftime.I dont agree 100 with Brendon, he is coming along and I see a true leader within him.GOD be with him.

    One last note, I do enjoy listening to your shows and appreciate the effort, I just wish you would do a little more research on a topic before you go spewing falsehoods.


    • I didn’t attack Brendon. He attacked me. I defended myself against that attack. So on that notion alone, I cannot take anything else you have to say here seriously. Especially since I have spoken on everything you have had to say here, on the show since 2003.

      I notice that you resorted to name calling right away, by calling me a block head. Name calling is the last bastion. From the get go, you jumped in feebly, knowing absolutely nothing about where I stand, with zero substance.

      Grow UP!

      Shaun / Surplus


      • I only recently started to listen to your shows, I was brought in from the daily slave and stormer, I heard your show on Brendon, he obviously misunderstood the comment you made referring aboriginals to turds, you should of just corrected him and forgive the emotional response he gave you.Believe me brendon will come along, you just have to give time, like alot of the marxist whites.After all he is a fellow aussie.

        I feel you should try to reach out to him and ammend your relationship with him.He is a very good guy and fights injustice wherever it is, whether its regarding the holocaust in dresden or the holocaust of the Palestinians.He just gets a little emotional at times.

        As for you not taking me seriously thats fine by me, it just irratates me hearing falsehoods regarding your understanding of Islam, its like those zionist(judeo) Christian sites that just reads one verse of the Quran to prove a negative point of islam, instead of reading the verse before and after and understanding the context of the verse when it was revealed.

        Once again I respect you for the most part, you are not like some the dailystormer commenters I deal with sometimes, I will continue to listen to your shows.


      • Btw, block head is a mild critique compared to being called a mongrelized turk or a moon god worshipper, so please lets not get petty, look at some of the comments I made on ds, there is comments I made on on the topic of the article at hand that has nothing to do with my spirtual belief or race and I get attacked randomly, because they know who iam.


  2. If Bosnia wants to remain Muslim, fine. And if the few Bosnians in Australia or England or USA build a Mosque, nobody would care.

    But White Bosnian Muslims are such a tiny minority, even as a country itself. The Muslim invasion into Europe and Australia is done by Turks and Arabs. The irony is, this is how Bosnia became Muslim too, by Turkish invasion.


    • You obviously do not know the history of Bosnia, Bosnians were neglected by the orthodox and catholic communites around them.Before islam bosnia basically were in a offshoot of a declining orthodox Christian (Bogomilism) sect.The ottomans took advantage when they took over and they converted peacefully to Islam.They basically never had a strong spirtual side until Islam came in.

      Regarding the issues with turks and arabs, I agree that massive immigration from other ethnic groups should be limited no matter what religion, its a win win for both sides, alot of the intellectuals of a country gets drained when they immigrate to European societies, Dr.Duke has a good article regarding his visit a Libyan university, when one of Gaddafi ministers spoke on the negatives of investing their own capital on citizens who immigrate temporarily for education and never come back.


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