24th of Nov, 2014 Edition of Harvesting Truth w/ Tara Beth

On this edition of Harvesting Truth, Tara and her guests speak about the ongoing attack on Christianity and Moral Value in general.  Whilst our media, governments and schools seem to allow the mutilation of Christian symbolism, the judaic star of david (no capitals for deliberate reasons) seems welcomed at any time, in any place!  We have to ask ourselves why.

Whilst there were a couple of audio glitches during this show (Shaun is tempted to buy Tara a new laptop or Internet connection) (or both) this discussion between Tara and Ernest Pierce was a great discussion indeed.  You don’t need to be religious to understand what is being said here.  Please keep in mind that there is some dead-air (silence) during the broadcast.  Just let it play and the audio will come back.


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