Jews Have Brendon O’Connell Arrested & Charged Again

It seems that the jewish hierarchy are at it again.  Do you remember me telling you about Brendon O’Connell?  The man that did 3 years prison time for speaking about jews on the street?  The same man that has been active for years, in the fight to defend the Palestinian people against Israel, that have been stealing Palestinian land for decades upon decades?  Well, on the 30th of October, 2014, yet again Brendon has been arrested after 6 detectives stole all of his belongings without warrant.  This is AFTER the fact that Brendon has had to do 3 years in prison and was severely bashed whilst doing his time, by people that were more than likely hired by the corrupt Western Australian jewish/mason hierarchy.  Judaism and masonry is big business in Australia and has seeped into every corner of the country.  From small towns to large cities their tentacles grow larger.  It’s only a matter of time however, that these cretins and their ill deeds are found out and it will be the people of Australia, that finally set Brendon free of harm.  Already, over at the Daily Slave and the Daily Stormer, we are seeing the jews start to panic world wide and make threats against those that publish the two websites.  Lee Rogers is just one of many victims of jewish threats, as seen on the 31st of October.

From Brendon O’Connell’s website:

I was arrested on the 30th of October, 2014. A Thursday, at approximately 16:30 hrs.
Now, this is going to get extremely interesting.

6 detectives from State Security came through the door – no warrant.

I am charged with “threat to kill” and publishing a private telephone conversation. That charge is from when I rang Julie Bishops office and spoke with “Tess” the secretary.

It all stems from this blog posting made 20 days ago –

My laptop, phones, hard drives, video camera etc… all gone. I have just got this borrowed laptop going.

See Brendon’s full statement here.


One thought on “Jews Have Brendon O’Connell Arrested & Charged Again

  1. All Jews, & Freemasons, should be made, to recuse themselves, because they are bound by secret oaths (Kol Nidre / Sanhedrine 59a, ect…) .
    There is a CSIS “Slow Kill” murder contract, awarded against me as a political witness :

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