Shaun Surplus Banned From Farcebook

Yes, you heard it right.  Whilst it’s hard to tell whether or not it was the small debate he had with a black man, in a private message session yesterday, (literally hours before he was banished) Shaun was sent a message stating that he was suspended for not using his real name.  After re-typing Shaun Surplus 3 times in their name fields, Facebook then sent a request box, asking for a picture of his ID and to re-type his name in the name fields.  The front picture of this article is the picture that was sent to Facebook, after they had been acting like absolute spooks.  A picture of Shaun’s hind quarters.  Oh look, there’s a couple of pimples there.

Many times in the past have we told our children NEVER to let anybody know on the Internet, no matter what the reason, of who they really are.  They should ALWAYS use a nickname of some type because it’s too dangerous to do otherwise.  On TCTA, Shaun has spoken countless times about how ludicrous it is that people use their real names for these reasons.  He’s also spoken on how ridiculous it is for people to be shouting about what it is that they are doing in every moment of their lives.  This is why humans have private lives in the first place; To be private.  Not to mention, nobody cares when you’re having a shower.  Just go and have one.

Lee Rogers over at the Daily Slave recently posted an article of how the faggots all jumped up and down about how they had their names deleted, because they had been using Aliases instead of their real names, maybe such as Drag Queen or perhaps Foo Foo Pansy Bitch…  Either way, whatever they were using was deleted,  and they are jumping up and down.  Maybe there has just been a huge crack down on bogus names.  Who knows with Farcebook right?

Check out the full article over at the Daily Slave here.

The way that Facebook badgered Shaun, was equal to that of the spooks coming around to interrogate information out of somebody.  Not only did they have him re-type his name 3 times, they then sent a request box asking for a copy of his ID and that if he didn’t have one, he would need other ID that showed his full name ETC…  THEN, if that wasn’t enough, they emailed him as well asking for his ID and to confirm his real name.  This is not normal behaviour, especially coming from something as simple as social media.  It’s not like they are the FBI for crying out loud.  Being Facebook does NOT immune them in the sense that they can act like stalkers.

Farcebook for Shaun has done it’s job.  It made people aware of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed even further, his show that has been running since 2003 now, so he’s more than happy with the result and ready to move away from the stalking social media website, however the point is, that if you don’t think that Facebook’s FBI/CIA spook type behaviour, hasn’t already lead them to harvest your every detail, you’re gravely mistaken.  It is of this authors honest opinion, that you should be very careful about what you say and do in Facebook, because as the proverbial mantra goes, “Big Brother is watching you”.

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