Snorting Couple Kicked off Bus for Being Racist

I can’t help but laugh sometimes.  Not at the douche bag muslim that called the couple racist, but the couple themselves.  They obviously buy into terms such as racism, because they “deny being racist”, so they deserve what they get.  No, really!  If a society wants to buy into jew created terms such as ‘racist’ and ‘anti-semite’, they really do deserve what they get.

As I wrote in Farcebook:

Suck sh*t. They obviously buy into the term “racist” in the first place, which means that they have probably accused others of being “racist” in the past, due to their indoctrination. Hope their bottoms are still sore after being kicked hard off the bus.

If people want to buy into jew terms such as racist and anti-semite, this is what they get. What they should have done, was explained to the bus driver where the terms originate and then punched the bus driver in the face.

Oh deary me…  I forgot.  Most people don’t RESEARCH where these terms come from.  This is why terms such as racist or racism are so loosely used these days.  As for the muslim, what do you expect from a person that comes from barbarian, uneducated lands?

From the Daily Mail:

The couple claimed the woman, who they say was wearing a hijab, took offence to the snorting sounds in the song and believed they were a reference to how pork is forbidden in Islam though this has not been confirmed.

Below:  The Pepper Pig theme song

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