Stanley Keyser the Filthy Fat jew Tick


stanley (I’m a jew weasel) keyser

This piece of fat jew filth is the man behind having Brendon O’Connell charged.  He is the main culprit, outside of the contempt of court that took place during Brendon’s trial, that had Brendon imprisoned for 3 years for speaking the truth about murderous israel.  You know that something stinks to the high heavens when a cult such as judaism has peoples mouths shut, when facts start flying and that is exactly what keyser the little weasel had happen to Brendon.  He had him gagged through the help of illegal conduct, coming out of israel.  (israhell)

It would almost be laughable to acknowledge that you can say anything about everything EXCEPT israel or filthy jews like keyser, if it wasn’t so true.  You can speak in bad light about Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, Scientology and you will get away with it, but the moment you speak about filthy rabbis biting foreskins off babies and calling it ritualistic, or stanley (I’m a little pussy) keyser, condoning the deaths of women and children in Palestine, you’re shouted down, berated, persecuted or even sentenced to 3 years imprisonment.  And you have to ask yourself “why”?

If people like weasel keyser need to have your mouth shut by having you imprisoned, then obviously he/they have something to hide.  They won’t be able to hide for much longer however.  There has indeed been a mass shift of paradigm, when it comes to the understanding of jews and israel, since the slaughtering of so many people in Gaza.  People all around the world are rising to their feet against israel and a collective roar can be heard, getting louder and louder, from the good people of the earth.

This has happened to jews time and time again, and for good and solid reason.  Time and time again the jews get themselves into positions of power, like the parasitic ticks that they are and they use that power to bend a civilisation to their will.  Only, jews don’t have patience and after a small time, they lash out, no longer hiding the fact that they are destined to take over the given civilisation.  In this case, Western Civilisation.  After being kicked out of every major nation known to man, you’d think they would have learned, but AGAIN they show their hand too early and AGAIN are on their way to being banished.

Pieces of filth like keyser are soon enough to learn what happens to traitors of true Western Civilisation.  You can chase a fox as much as you like and he will run, run, run but the moment you corner him, is the moment he turns on you like a ferocious lion and this is exactly what is happening within Western Civilisation.

Suck it up while you can jew keyser, because your days with a false sense of authority are numbered.

3 thoughts on “Stanley Keyser the Filthy Fat jew Tick

  1. The Bush + Cheney cabal, of dual Israelis, that did 911, head the Washington D.C. based think tank CSIS.
    I have been tortured by CSIS contractors, & tracked through 15 countries since September 2009. ,,,:

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