Smelly Cabbies Don’t Enjoy Being Told They Stink

This must be a world wide problem.  Here in Australia’s Melbourne City, countless times have I had to put up with smelly third world cabbies, especially when it comes to the Indians.  They sometimes smell of garlic, onion, curry, tabouli if you have good enough sense of smell.  Worse still, sometimes all of those just mentioned.  It’s not rocket science; If you work in the public arena where you will obviously be working closely with the public, save those foods for the weekend or when you have time off.  Spray some deodorant on your clothes too when you come back to work.  You don’t have to spray it on your skin.  What I’m trying to say third worlder, is, YOU STINK!  Don’t put your stench on me, please!  It’s disgusting.

From Front Page Mag:

Body odour is among 52 criteria that officials at San Diego International Airport use to judge taxi drivers. Cabbies say that smacks of prejudice and discrimination.

And for pity sake, have a breath mint while you’re are it.  You smell like a rotting onion patch when you speak to me.

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