The Logic of NYC Court Systems With Anti-Vacciners

I’ve heard this one a thousand times before.  “Your unvaccinated child, is placing my vaccinated child at risk…”  What?  Wait a minute…  If your child is vaccinated and you have so much faith in these vaccines, why are you worrying about my child that is not vaccinated?  In fact, YOUR child puts MY child at risk, because YOUR child has been vaccinated with a disease that MY child can now catch, from YOUR diseased kid, you back-arsewards twat!


A Brooklyn Federal District Judge has ruled that, at least in New York City, the Constitutional right of free exercise of religion does not allow someone to place the entire population at risk with the biological ticking time bombs that are unvaccinated people.

A fellow associate (Johan) from Facebook puts it best, when he writes:

Scare-Monger all you like; if Vaccines actually Worked the way you think they do, there’d be no Threat from the Unvaccinated. In Reality, the Vaccinated must be Quarantined; elsewise, they have a Lowered Immune System and thus become both Susceptible to other Diseases and Living Bio-Weapons.

So true!

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