Circus Maximus w/ Nick Spero Interviews Shaun Surplus is a new website as many of you may know.  Whilst Shaun has been podcasting and in live radio since 2003 all around the world, the new Freedompalooza Podcast Network has only just been born, out of the minds of Tara Beth and Shaun himself.  It consists of only two shows, to keep it sweet.  Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed w/ Shaun Surplus and Harvesting Truth w/ Tara Beth.  Both have their own ways of broadcasting and both have their own beliefs, which are often quite separate to each other.  This makes for great radio, especially when two shows on the same network can sometimes be complete opposites.  It just goes to show that people can get along, even if their view points and belief systems are completely different.  As Shaun always says, “As long as you’re doing whatever you’re doing with the best of intentions and you’re not doing it to harm others, you’re off to a good start”, and that is exactly how we feel, here on the Freedompalooza Podcast Network.

As the years go by in radio, no matter what kind of radio, whether it be podcasting or live, sooner or later the hosts get noticed for their efforts, as long as they have put in the time and hard work and have been as honest as they possibly can with their audience.  And believe me when I say, honesty comes at a price and sometimes even much sacrifice.  Many a friend will have turned their backs on the hosts, many other hosts and networks from the past, will have done the same.  Sometimes however, the sacrifices pay off and hosts such as Tara and Shaun are recognised by people around the world.  This is exactly what happened, when Nick Spero had heard Shaun on the Oracle Broadcasting Network, some years ago.  Nick, now having a show of his own, known as Circus Maximus, invites Shaun to speak about what has passed and what is present.  So please, sit back with your favourite beverage and enjoy this episode of Circus Maximus, with your host Nick Spero and his guest, Shaun Surplus.


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