A Yahoo Comment Explains the Negro Down to the Letter

When you read this, bear in mind that the author of this writing, has just described the aboriginals here in Australia as well, probably without even knowing it.  This is a brilliant description and if I can get permission to leave the authors name, I will update this article.  Check back periodically.

The daily life of the black minorities is just heart wrenching. They wake up each morning wondering how they are going to survive another day,
On the first of the month they wait at their mailbox waiting for the mailman to show up and deliver their twelve hundred dollar section eight check so they can take it to the low income apt complex office and pay the twenty dollar difference for another month of living there. They carefully look over their utility bills to make sure they get their discounts before paying the highly discounted utility bills. They go to the wireless store and hand over the government voucher to pay their cell phone bill. If they have not received their voucher they ignore their cell phone bill and continue to use the phone until its get disconnected, they usually owe around $400 before the carrier shuts off.
They keep in contact with each other on their smart phones to see if any grocery stores computer system is down so they can all rush there to charge as much as possible on their EBT card before the system comes back up. If there isn’t any possibilities for that they drive over to walmart for their weekly shopping spree to fill their carts with all kinds of groceries. A quick glance at the regular checkout lines with white people patiently waiting in them and it’s to the express line to check out. That ten-item limit is not for them, only white people. So they pay for all these groceries with the government debit card.
Next on the list of free benefits are their new obamacare ID cards. With the instructions that came with them to take them to any doctors office or emergency room for FREE priority medical treatment. (Including prescriptions)
A call to the school to make sure their kids are receiving their free school lunches and supplies rounds off the busy afternoon.
Thanksgiving and the holidays is a very stressful time of year for them. Waiting in long lines fighting and jostling with each other for the free turkeys and canned food that they demand so that they can celebrate the Great American Holiday.
At Christmas time they watch the local TV stations to find out what church or organizations are giving away free gifts for them. Waiting again in the long lines they put all the free bicycles and toys in their cars and pickup trucks with the 24 inch chrome rims and $1500 stereos and tinted windows and head home to wrap them up and give them to their deprived kids..
The black minorities feel sorry for the white American middle class that have to work and pay full price for everything they have, Going without because of the tax’s they pay to fund all there benefits, so they laugh as they say a prayer at dinner time for them thanking them for their generosity and giving them everything they want to appease them. Yet they still insist that white people are racist and close their eyes to the rioting and killing in their own neighborhoods and ancestral homeland of Africa where they cannot blame white people for their riots and mass murders and the decay of their towns and cities.
They are not able to look themselves in the mirror and ask the simple question, Why are we so destructive? Why do we hate every other race? Why do we have to destroy all that is orderly? What is wrong with us? We are given everything we need to live here without doing anything and yet we still hate and destroy. No African nation takes care of us as well as white people do. Only white people give us what they need to live for free.
So they convince themselves that it has to be some other races fault for the way they are and use any excuses to riot and loot and destroy there own neighborhoods whenever a white person says or does anything to them. They ignore the fact that not only are we forced to support them here but we have to come to their races rescue every ten to fifteen years when there is a famine or emergency in there homeland of Africa, where they do not know what to do but just sit there and starve and have babies while waiting for the white nations to ship them food, There is not one nation on this planet that has a majority black population that has a welfare program for white people living in those nations and yet they riot and loot and call white racist.
Desegregation was the biggest mistake in the history of this nation. They wanted integration to feel equal and so the law was passed, Affirmative action and the ACLU forces us to include one of them in each TV commercial and on a news or sports broadcasting team and at your place of work, it also requires us to promote them regardless of job performance and so on, and now they have universities where only they can attend and they have their very own heritage month where we are forced to watch and listen to what a wonderful race they are. The once nice schools where they have been admitted have been reduced to combat zones and the schools GPA’s are non-existent. They are not able to spell or write their own names at graduation. After destroying the school system in their town or city they claim they are not being given an education and demand to be bussed to a predominantly white school where they destroy that school system. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent over the years on the inner cities, building parks, community centers, schools to help them succeed and they destroy them. Nothing satisfies this race.
And nothing ever will……


2 thoughts on “A Yahoo Comment Explains the Negro Down to the Letter

  1. Wow. Talk about saying that which is forbidden. Kudos for the author. Of course, the only reason why this type of situation is allowed to exist is because we live in an elite controlled master/slave plantation where people in government follow the rules of the hidden elites and control the American people, namely us – the slaves.

    The Founders did better for the states and for the people with the Articles of Confederation than was done under the Constitution. Adding the executive branch and the judicial branch really screwed things up for all the American people.


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