2nd Amendment Under Attack

I’ve always said, both in my past articles and on-air, no matter on what network, that the U.S.A. is Western Civilisations last stand and to this day I truly believe that.  Without the people of America standing tall against it’s current tyranny, white western civilisation will surely fall.  The 2nd amendment has been under attack for some years now and yet again it has come under attack, with the NY state police threatening SWAT team action to be taken, should gun shops not comply with their demands.

From Right Wing News:

Gun laws are so murky nowadays, and frequently subject to constitutional challenges, that it is a dangerous overreach by the New York Police Department to demand confidential customer records from a gun shop. The Albion Gun Shop in Albion, NY, was forced to turn over 165 customer records to the police to avoid being rushed by a SWAT Team. Allegedly, the shop was selling “bullet button” AR-15s, which the police believe violate the recently passed SAFE Act. 

Stand tall my brothers-in-arms of America and defend your rights!

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