Scotland at Risk of Terror Attack If Independent

There is a lot I could say about this article, but I will leave it up to one of my Facebook associates, because he hits the nail on the head.

From the Daily Mail:

David Cameron today warned that Scotland would be more at risk from terrorism if it votes for independence.

The Prime Minister said the United Kingdom had the best security and intelligence services in the world to keep people safe.

He said the safety of staying together in a ‘very dangerous and insecure world’ was one of the ‘strongest arguments’ against separation.

From Johan in Facebook:

“The(y) used this same Propaganda to Continue The Occupation of Ireland. First, it was that the Kaisers were going to Invade (which never Happened); then, it was Hitler. Hitler was Pro-Irish, so now the Irish are being “Monitored for Nazi Sentiments”. Of course, the one using this Propaganda is a Jew.”

This reminds me of the douche bag called Cleg, where somebody made a song out of his apology.  I am thinking that somebody needs to make a song out of Cameron.


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