Bombs Made Next Driveway – 2011

This is an old article, but I just had to put in my two cents.

Whilst I have an obvious distaste for judaism, (note no capital letter) I also believe that islam (note no capital letter) is not far behind.  Islam and it’s muslims may not have the control that judaism and it’s jews do, but if they could, sharia law would be a forced part of your lives and don’t you be fooled into believing otherwise.

This angry neighbour is obviously taking steps to show his distaste for this spreading disease called islam.

From the Daily Mail:

Some neighbours are just never going to get along.

And there won’t be much discussion of the weather over the garden fence down down in the Buffalo suburb of Amherst.

There, Muslim leaders are enraged that the homeowner next door to their mosque has posted a provocative sign on his front lawn.

Michael Heick has advised passers-by: ‘Bomb Making Next Driveway’.

Next door is the entrance to the Jaffarya Centre.

Religions/Cults such as islam are just simply not a part of Western Civilisation and should not be forcing itself upon White Western Culture and it’s people.  Period.


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