Ape Filth Doing Us a Favour by Showing True “Color(s)”

This poor young teenager was mercilessly killed after returning home from school and walking in on your typical black sh*t bag intruder, trying to steal as usual.  And if that wasn’t enough, he thought it was fun to text message the girls mother, from the teenagers cell phone that he had stolen during the murder.

From Opposing Views:

“Hello Brenda,” read the first message, the woman testified according to the Huffington Post. It was from her daughter’s phone.

“She wanted to tell you something before I killed her,” read the next message.

It’s coming to a time, where whitey will HAVE to take measures into his own hands.  These ape pieces of filth don’t realise what is going to happen to them, once the “white boy” is pushed far enough into the corner.


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