Diversity, Diversity, Everybody Wants Diversity

Australia, (And Tasmania *clears throat*) America, England, Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, France and now even people from Canada, writing to me about the immigration problems going on within their countries and how they are being told that they have to “shut up” or be deemed racist.  Let’s take a look at what’s going on over in Canada shall we?

From the Vancouver Sun:

“I knew there were some changes happening when there was a real estate sign in my neighbourhood that I couldn’t read. Previous to that, I had gone to Dairy Queen to pick up my son’s cake and I went to find a parking spot, and (the cement parking curb that identified which business owned the parking spot) had no English on it. I couldn’t read it. So I went to all the businesses to see who owned it and it was the Richmond Chinese Seniors, and I went in and asked why they had their sign all in Chinese, and they said a lot of their seniors can’t speak (English). And I said, ‘well, I can’t read it and there’s not a parking spot for me.’”

People all over the world are waking up to the global melt down taking place, through forced diversity and multiracialism.  In one way, shape or form, it is happening everywhere and people are sick to death of it.  Whilst the powers at the top of the global pyramid openly admit that they like to sustain their family bloodlines and Israel is able to freely protect their race and/or cult from immigration, YOU are being told to accept every man and his dog, from lands that time forgot and YOU are being told that you should breed your own peoples out, and LIKE IT!  The double standard is unbelievably in your face and still, you sit there like a donkey just waiting for the next carrot to be dangled in front of your face.


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