The Disgusting Tramp is Dead

Yeah, yeah I know…  I should have posted this hours ago, but I just don’t care enough for the troglodyte to have been bothered.  I could post a paragraph about what the ABC has written and even write how disgusted I was about how the jewess piece of zionist (notice, no capitals) filth wanted Palestinian children dead in great detail, but I’m not going too.  As it was that people couldn’t even fathom Robin William’s being the commie jew wannabe he was, how could I ever illustrate what Rivers was, to the minds of feminist (and feminised) plebeians?

I will however, include this great comment from some comrades in Facebook:

“This harlot died undergoing yet another procedure (in a vain attempt that made her look like a clown) to avoid the natural process of age. Jews are intensely materialistic due to the fact they are vehement Christ deniers. They attempt to gain immortality here because they know none awaits them elsewhere. This is a Jew inspired sickness that attempts to make unfashionable the natural honor of old age. We are to honor our elders and seek their counsel…..not make them feel outdated. She died for her perversion. Ashes to ashes. ~ Andrew Knight”

Read the nonsense from your so called “independent” (yeah right) ABC for yourself.  Click here.

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